Pinot Grigio

Castello di Stefanago

Macerato Provincia di Pavia Pinot Grigio 2020

First time for me with these guys
Label says Mischiabacche which means "mixing berries"; i assume there would be plenty of varieties, like a field blend
The wine is pleasant, it has pleanty of fruit and it drinks greatly. I am guessing this is an entry level wine which makes it very interesting
Quite long persistence
Producer to explore for sure from a very traditional wine terroir
Wine is made with grapes and nothing else
You make the wine in the vineyard they emphasise on the website
— 3 days ago

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Voga Italia

Pinot Grigio

I’ve bought this bottle probably 8 times now. I love it. For me, on the nose it gives off a smell of straw, oak and fruit. It is mid-light weight. — 9 days ago

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Casa del Coppiere

Catarratto Terre Siciliane Pinot Grigio 2020

Очень понравилось. Не к чему придраться. Яркий виноградный аромат, насыщенный вкус с идеальным балансом кислоты и сладости. Ням. — 3 months ago


Aqua di Venus Friuli Pinot Grigio 2020

Happy National Wine and Cheese Day! (Not that it’s different from any other day)! 😜 cheers! 🧀🥂 — 13 days ago

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Ooh! I like how your glass matches the bottle! Cheers!🥂


15 Alto Adige - Südtirol Pinot Grigio 2020

Crisp pear, red apple, fresh and tasty. — 10 days ago

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Jost Vineyards

L'Acadie Nova Scotia Pinot Grigio

Semi dry, not a huge amount of character and a little dry to drink on its own. Well be good with food — 13 days ago

Azienda Agricola Prendina

Garda Pinot Grigio

More Pinot Gris in style than Pinot Grigio and I am here for it — 9 days ago

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Vie di Romans

Dessimis Pinot Grigio 2011

Always a no brainer and always performing. — 8 days ago

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Terra Viva

Delle Venezie Organic Pinot Grigio 2021

Frisk och fruktig, lite syrlighet. Bra sommarvin. — a day ago

Take It To The Grave Wines

Tumbarumba Pinot Grigio

Beställt från alko — a day ago

Marlene Ström

Marlene Ström

Passar bra till räkor o kräftor