Skin Contact

Savage Grace

De Gris Underwood Mountain Vineyards Skin Contact Pinot Gris 2019

Hard to believe this is Pinot Gris, so much color! Ruby red with an orange tinge, very good clarity with some lees sediment. Citrus note in nose, grapefruit and plum notes in mouth with mineral finish. The winemaker gets Italian plum and pomegranate in this, I can see the former. Really different wine, easy to sip but fair amount of skin tannins, maceration here. Good acid, fresh fruity flavors but subtly so — 15 days ago

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Fine review! 🍷


Bianco Quarto Macerato Vermentino

Skin contact, pale yellow/orange. Amazingly fragrant: jasmine, passion fruit. Really really good — 6 days ago

Podere Pradarolo

Vej Bianco Antico Malvasia di Candia 2020

delicious skin contact white! lot of fruity notes. perfect for a warm picnic evening. — 8 days ago

Sandro de Bruno

Cold Skin Maceration Garganega

color: pale-medium yellow, hazy
aroma: popcorn, burnt pear, hay, dirt
flavor: floral-rinded cheese, green apple, apricot, japanese cheesecake

aroma: +++++++
acidity: medium-plus
body: medium/medium plus

WOW. a WINE. the aroma is so killer. a bit of a frizante thing going on. incredible deal incredible wine.
— 5 days ago

The Hermit Ram

Skin Fermented Müller-Thurgau 2020

Skin contact Müller Thurgau Sauvignon Blanc Blend aged in Amphorae.
Cloudy, zesty, salty, fresh. Apricots & underripe mango, salty rocks, a hint of hay.
On the palate lively, zingy, fresh. A bit spicy, with nice purity and a wild edge to it.
Brilliant with food but also v. nice solo.
— a month ago

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Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

They make a lot of fun wines.

Il Roccolo

il Roccolo di Monticelli Cinciallegra White Blend

The perfect frizzante for me! A floral Granny Smith apples on the nose with every sip. A light skin contact with slight oxidation but perfectly balanced and bubbly. — 6 days ago

Momento Mori

Gippsland Nosiola

Bellyhappychef. Native varietal from northern Italy. Skin contact. Honey. Pear. — 6 days ago

Licorne Méchante

Le Phoque Plonguer Skin-Contact

Got this rec from the Wine Shoppe in Waco, TX when I asked for a funky white - the muscadet grapes are macerated so it’s almost like an orange wine. — a month ago

Scholium Project

Rhododactylos California White 2019

Really really fun. Skin contact. Clean. Lean mean fighting machine with some natural funk. — 7 days ago

Nine Oaks

Rkatsiteli 2018

Great balance, skin contact evident but not flagrantly orange. More than held its own against spicy thai. Buy again, thrilling QPR. — 5 days ago