Yuu Baal

Penchuga Joven Mezcal 1859

This may be the single best mezcal I’ve had outside of Oaxaca. Not cheap, it was about $60 at Total Wines. But a treat for sipping. — 6 days ago

Angeles Carreño

Barril Mezcal Real Minero 2017

Nice! Shows the agave and has a nice finish. Bottle 170/226 batch RMB-09 age of agave 15 years — 2 months ago

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Rey Campero

Tepextate Joven Mezcal Agave

25 - 35 YO Agave. — 3 months ago

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Pujol jrz ypo 9/17 — 3 months ago

Mezcal Koch

Mezcal Artesanal Oaxaca Maguey Mexicano

Delicate and floral and delicious🥰 — a month ago

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Silver Mezcal Agave

Smokey.... — 2 months ago

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Yuu Baal

Mezcal Reposado Espadin 1859

This is an excellent and reasonably available (and QPR) reposado Mezcal - straight up or in a marg you can’t go wrong — 3 months ago

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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

In the 1960 I lived in Tucson. Mezcal was $ 1:25 a quart. That included the worm. I have some funny stories. When it’s 125 degrees, mezcal hits the spot

Swick Wines

Willamette Valley Auxerrois

amazing texture on this, bottle i had was smoky - tobacco, reminded me of mezcal — a month ago

Siete Misterios

Mexicano Amarillo Joven Mezcal

Fantastic. Birthday present from 2019, been savoring it. Smokey, spicy, country naturalism that makes for a perfectly balanced sipper. — 2 months ago

Angeles Carreño

Mezcal Real Minero Largo

Grassy nose. Earthy, waxy palate w/ tropical fruit. Loooooooong finish. — 3 months ago

Clayton Bahr
with Clayton
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