Margaux, Médoc

Château Siran

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2017

This wine represents! What a beautiful fruit forward red berry nose with brush, pine, and anise--red licorice. A bit hot, but all else melds beautifully into a perfect Margaux. I will rebuy this wine and redo the notes. Meanwhile, this is a winner!

93+ points
— 5 days ago

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Château Prieuré-Lichine

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2018

2018 vintage. Graphite, cherry and ripe dark plum in the nose. That tantalizing P-L perfectly medium body. Dill, rosemary, cedar, mint and sandalwood adding to the plum and cherry on the finish. “Devolving” a bit as the evident showiness of the last six months is retreating. Wine is a living thing so it’s allowed to have attitude. Crawling back into its’ shell for now. — 15 days ago

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Ron R

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Nice prose my friend.

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@Ron R thanks but was hoping the juice was headed the other direction. A fave producer so optimistic it'll emerge bigger and better.

Château d'Issan

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2012

Not the best vintage of d’Issan, but really good nevertheless. Very enticing nose of flowers and dark fruits, so Margaux. The mouth follows. Its a really classical claret with good acidity and works great with food. Its really good. — a month ago

Adriana Pagliano
with Adriana
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Château Margaux

Premier Grand Cru Classé Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 1945

Tasted blind. Deep tawny color with clear amber rims. Has "the funk" in the nose - an old aged Bordeaux funk. Notes of red and black fruit, some spice, some old desk wood and a little smoked meat. Very refined in the mouth. Feminine. Has a nice core of fruit, with softened tannins. Silky. As a group we distilled this down to Margaux. Guessed 55 Margaux. — 12 days ago

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Chateau Dauzac

Aurore de Dauzac Margaux Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2019

Opaque garnet-purple.
Big blackberry nose.
Classic Margaux acidity and tannin structure.
New world ripeness with old world style.
15-20 years aging potential.
— 9 days ago

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Margaux Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Strange we had to come to Scotland to find an amazing bottle of Margaux…and it was perfect! — 8 days ago

Château Cantebau

Château Dauzac Grand Cru Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2009

Vintage 2009. Dunkle Farbe starker Körper. Wundervolle Nase. Langanhaltender Abgang. Ein riesen Genuss. — 11 days ago

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Château Cantebau

Labastide Dauzac Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2014

My gut feeling on the identity of this blind was a young Brunello or Rosso with new oak. In hindsight, if I had been a little more methodical, the identity would have been obvious - the stickiness of the tannins as it hits the palate on the tongue was a dead giveaway of the Merlot (49%) component, while the directionality of the tannins as it moved across the palate along the gums (on the base of teeth) can clearly be attributed to Cabernet Sauvignon (51%). Flavours again tripped me. The Morello cherry aroma, sheen of volatile acidity, fresher fruit ripeness, elegant medium body, and tart acidity just never put me onto Bordeaux… but of course it was a Margaux.

This was a really elegant example of Bordeaux, but does come off a little simple - just juicy fruits (red on the nose, black on the palate) and new oak, which leaves you yearning for more complexity to fill the “void” between the flavours. It is perhaps still a little young at this stage (my notes came after 3 hours of aeration; started off real tight according to RL), so could offer more with cellaring. Notably, I enjoyed this without much palate fatigue, although the new oak still irks me. A huge victory for young Bordeaux in my books.
— 18 days ago

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Château Giscours

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend

Taste of plum, with herbs and oak. Tannins are still abit sharp. Should smoothen with another few years of aging ! — 6 days ago

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Château d`issan

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2016

This is a nice Bordeaux that isn’t too try or too sweet. Just the right amount of fruit. The nose is pleasant and the finish is well rounded with only minimal dryness on the tongue. It cleanses well for the next bite. — 12 days ago