San Diego County, South Coast

Pure Project Brewing

Opaque Dreams Sour Smoothie

Opaque Dreams is the most satisfying Smoothie ale on a hot summer night — 12 days ago


Spanish Springs Vineyard Chardonnay 2019

Ron R

Contrasting this to the Sarah Francis, it’s more dense and viscous. It’s just more decadent, while the SF is more ethereal. Rated them the same but for different reasons. — 14 days ago

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Ron R

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@Jan A, that was not my intent, just wanted to share the moment…
Jan A

Jan A

Just joking ofc, enjoy!
Ron R

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I know, @Jan A. When wifey and I travel, we always ferry a few bottles with us. Puts a dollop of cream on top, so to speak… 😎


Spanish Springs Vineyard Pinot noir

Fruit and herbs. Complement with roasted pork. — 25 days ago

The Language of Yes

En Passerillage Grenache 2020

I tried my first bottle of this several months ago, and since then it’s really settled down and blossomed. Light color, but the nose pops with perfumey cherry and raspberry, along with subtle notes of moist earth, spice, and sandalwood. In the mouth, it’s got intense flavors in a floaty carriage, with deep red fruit and lots of savory notes. Long finish, with a teensy bit of tannin. Alcohol in check, and enough acidity to keep the intense fruit buoyed up. Superb. If you’re a Grenache hound like me, get some of this. — 5 days ago

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MaJ CappS

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Sounds fantastic!

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Popelouchum Grenache Blanc Grenache Gris 2017

Crisp bright and dry with floral notes, a soft slightly viscous mouthfeel and a lingering finish. A true to Rhone stunner. — 20 days ago

Methode Sauvage


E likes, mineral notes with a syrupy (but not heavy) acidic fruit finish — a month ago

Scar of the Sea

Bassi Vineyard Pinot Gris Pinot Noir 2021

So light I almost forgot to taste it. Glad I did, beautiful wine. It’s such a nice combo or the Pinots and blended so well. Lavender and hibiscus with a bright red fruit nose. Strawberries are most pronounced though I’m enjoying blood orange and cranberry too. Really a great bottle that went too quickly. — 6 days ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian
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Williams Selyem

San Benito County Pinot Noir

Had the 2018 with Kristen and Al, super good light Pinot — 11 days ago

Hirsch Vineyards

San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir 2019

Rob B

Glad you appreciated the wines I enjoyed at Joel Robuchon @Ira Schwartz . Are you the same Ira Schwartz that participates TWE fundraiser event in NC? — 2 months ago

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Ira Schwartz

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@Rob B I’m not that Ira .😊