Produttori Del Barbaresco

Produttori del Barbaresco

Riserva Asili Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2013

Didn’t do anything for me. Disappointed to say… mild fruit. A bit more earthy than I like. Color and weight also seemed below expectations. — a day ago

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Azienda Agricola La Ca'Nova

Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2018

My new love is Barbaresco. I’ve recently become friends with a few guys down the block who own and work at a wine shop in the West Village.

From time to time, they enjoy opening up a couple of bottles on slower days like Sunday eves. One night, we tasted an amazing Barbaresco. That’s the thing with wine, the longer you learn, the pricier your taste gets.

This isn’t quite the same level of bottle we had opened, but as an entry at about $40, it’s something I can open up on a casual Thursday night.

The crushed rose petals are there, but it’s muted by a bit more of a soil-forward bouquet.

I see the similarities, but it’s lacking in a bit of elegance that can come in a level or two higher.

A bit more tannins than acidity. It’s out of balance. I think I’ve been spoiled because I’ve had a great example. But this is still fine Italian wine, happy to be drinking it.
— 3 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Fully agree on the learning, to price curve ratio...

Giuseppe Cortese

Rabajà Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2008

Rustic. Orange peel, strawberry, clay notes on the nose. Traditional in style. Tart on the palate initially evolving to a sweet cherry core. Cranberry, strawberry fruit too. Brilliant acid and tannin balance. Lots of length. No rush here. Classic. — a day ago

Produttori del Barbaresco

Riserva Pora Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2005

Had all the elements that tells you it’s a neb just missing the aromatics. Tannins and acid gave a big one two punch that knocked everything else out. — 9 days ago

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Cottá Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2017

John W

Tawny and ruby in color with a good amount of translucency. On the nose, strawberry, cherry and florals. On the palate, strawberry, cherry, medium body, with a medium fruity finish. Tannins are nice and acidity is rather strong more than balancing it out, perhaps a bit too much for my preference. $63 at B-21. — 2 days ago

Cascina Baricchi

Barbaresco Rosé delle Casasse 2015

A supposed almost extinct varietal in piedmonte. Rustic in an old school way. I think more age is needed to soften the rough tannins. — 22 days ago

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Produttori del Barbaresco

Riserva Muncagota Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2014

Can see the enhanced spice and integration with this Riserva bottling. One of the more gentle palate “vineyards” from PdB when compared to Rabaja or Mocungatta. — 8 days ago

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Giacosa Fratelli

Basarin Vigna Gianmaté Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2016

Cherry, leather. Acid pops and tannins run for days. Perfect with Pasta Norma Sorta. — 5 days ago

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Currá Barbaresco 2015

John W

Sottimano Curra Baebaresco 2015. Tawny and ruby coloration with some translucency. On the nose, rose, florals, dark cherry, anise, ripe plum, aged balsamic, chocolate and forest floor. On the palate, some red berries and cherry, but pretty strong and tight tannins. Will revisit after decanting a bit more. It’s been a little over 2 hours at this point. After another hour, cherry, anise, and a finish of same. Tannins are still very present. A bit too tight and acidic for my taste. $90 at B-21. — 9 days ago