Grenache Blanc

Château La Sauvageonne

Blanc Coteaux du Languedoc Grenache Blanc Blend 2018

New to me. Southern French blend with a distinct marine note. Leans toward the tropical. Interesting and I’ll pay more attention to the next bottle. — 6 days ago

Judy Wagonfeld
with Judy
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Wizard Water

Grenache Blanc Piquette With Lemons

Tangy, zippy, crisp, zap! Sparkling spring water with a tiny buzz. Hard to believe this can get me tipsy. Feels like drinking kombucha. I feel healthy AF drinking it! Hopefully good for my gut! Yeah! — 12 days ago


Rivesaltes 1979

Shay A

One of the wines I opened for my annual WWC hosting.

Very unique. Mostly Grenache based. Came across as a tawny port and Sherry combo. Fairly light ruby in the glass, with a whiff of Sherry/oxidized notes right off the bat. Lots of old fig, graham cracker, cinnamon and crème brûlée. Not heavy or rich on the palate…there is a floral aspect to it, with candied red fruits too. Doesn’t have the depth or complexity of a great vintage port, but it showed extremely well for its age and still paired well with Stilton cheese and candied oranges!
— a month ago

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Bob McDonald

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@Shay A I assume this is a fortified style Shay?
Shay A

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@Bob McDonald : Yes, you are correct. My first Rivesaltes, and I enjoyed it.
Tom Casagrande

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Stilton. Yuk. I can’t handle it.

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Le Cigare Orange 2020

Orange, excellent clarity. Pepper note in nose. Not much flavor initially, just a hint of sweetness, finish of tangerine peel and white pepper. Rounded mouthfeel with some mild skin astringency, no surprise for an orange or extended skin contact wine. After a couple of hours, I coaxed some peach flavor out of it; might need some air, more likely I overchilled it. Reasonably priced, decent value. 80/10/10 blend of Grenache Blanc, Grenache and Orange Muscat. Beware of strange dirigibles in your vineyard while you are at it… (check the fine print on their label) — a day ago

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Excellent orange color. Cheers!🍊
David Shaw

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Not so alien contact, I suspect

Klinker Brick

Lodi Grenache Blanc

Heavy floral notes, bright and acidic. Lots of pear notes, pineapple on the finish. — 4 days ago

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Four Brothers Wine Co.

Curtis Vineyard Grenache Blanc 2021

Dry, Green apple flavor, great acid. Nice and soft. — 6 days ago

Sindicat La Figuera

Vi Sec Montsant Garnatxa Fina

crunchy, grippy, lively, red fruit forward grenache. really well done. very balanced and absolutely delicious. — 5 days ago

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Ochota Barrels

The Fugazi Vineyard Grenache 2019

Crisp, cool, tart, stemmy and fresh.
Raspberries, cranberries, mineral funk, peppery and spicy garrigue and cold rocks (if that makes any sense…), as opposed to the hot terracotta tiles I often get in many other Grenaches.
This has a very cool-climate feel to it, rather delicate and refreshing. Like a Bojo from Oz. Lovely!
— 13 hours ago

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Vinos Comando

Rozas 1er Cru Vino de Paraje Grenache 2018

Exceptionally light extraction, high toned and infused. Crushed raspberry and cranberry, highly floral almost geranium, dried orange, black tea, dried herbs, potpourri, crushed rock, white pepper, 4-EP. Nice to see some definition fruit return this vintage but definitely microbial and marked by it. — 8 days ago

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K Vintners

The Boy Powerline Vineyard Grenache 2016

Two years after the last time I had the Boy ‘16 and it has matured a suspicious amount in that two years (while in a wine cooler). Nice, now dominated by caramelized burnt cherry, licorice, underbrush… which sounds good but finished inconsistent and astringent. Disappointing as I was fully expecting improvement. — 15 days ago

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That's too bad. Cheers to your next one!🍷