Isenhower Cellars

Yakima Valley Roussanne

Olsen Ranch Vineyard, 175 cases made. Pale yellow, excellent clarity. Struggling with the aromas right now (overchilled) Lots of body, guava, lemon and apple flavors. Lees character on finish. — 19 days ago

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Sonder Wines

Yakima Valley Roussanne 2020

Light, refreshing. Perfect red for summer (if you prefer reds, but feel most of them are too heavy for warm summer temps!). Gorgeous color! — 19 days ago

Kobayashi Winery

Boushey Vineyard Marsanne Roussane 2021

70/30 blend from a single barrel in a 3L box should not be this good, but it is. — 15 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Not your father's 3L container...

Alban Vineyards

Alban Estate Vineyard Roussanne 2014

Soapy at open. Was a little flat then about 30 mins in the aromatics took over and it began to show some body. — 8 days ago

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Donkey & Goat

Stone Crusher Skin Ferment El Dorado Roussanne 2020

Lemon, ginger candy, orange peel, dried apricot, kumquat, dry marmalade. medium (-) acidity medium body

the OG since 2009. 14 day skin fermentation in wood
— 17 days ago

Emmanuel Darnaud

Saint-Joseph Marsanne Roussanne 2018

Floral, broad, delicious. Some exotic citrus, lily, honey, fresh herbs on the nose. Great mineral spice, long sparky finish. Bravo. — 14 days ago

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Lyle Fass

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so good and ultra rare

Honey Beast

Paso Robles Roussanne

No oaky buttery basic chard taste. Bright, fruity, high octane on the nose. Splendid — 3 days ago


The Secret Chardonnay Roussanne

When a gifted winemaker tinkers with old world grapes in a new world fashion. — 4 days ago

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François Villard

Les Contours de Mairlant Marsanne Roussane 2018

Charcterful niiiice white! Honeymelon and lichie with a long taste on the palate. Starts a little bit musty on day one. So maybe give some air to enjoy without any disturbing mustyness. — 9 days ago