Pray Tell

Pray Tell

Willamette Valley Gamay Noir

Easy on the eyes — a month ago


Palo Blanco Valle de la Orotava Listan Blanco 2019

In a testament to just how great these wines are and how good the wine making is, let me just tell you what my dumbass did to this wine by accident. I was in my fridge yesterday and saw I had left this bottle entirely full with a cork pulled for over a week. I thought back to when I would've opened it, and my jaw dropped. I had opened it two hours before meal time and then we changed the food plan so we changed wines but I forgot about already opening this wine. I left it in the door of the fridge so I missed it.

The wine is gloriously good… I was shocked that it wasn't completely oxidized. We drank it over the last two days and it was very delicious. Complex with citrus and white orchard fruits, leaning more citrus, zesty and salty brine, loads of minerality, dried wild florals, quite the wine here. Excellent med+ acidity, med/med+ body, med+ length.
— 19 days ago

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Tom Kobylarz

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Ha, yeah I liked your note as I experienced very much also the mineral part you wrote about. Nice to meet you here!
Aaron Tan

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Nice to meet you too @Tom Kobylarz! Yea, the minerality was undeniable in both the 19’ and 18’, but the latter was just so much fresher for me. Haha. Still getting my gauge on this wine.
Tom Kobylarz

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@Aaron Tan i think most still are with the limited track record but I hope my not me adds more depth to it, crazy how it was not even compromised

Franz Gojer

Glögglhof Rondell St. Magdalaner Red Blend 2020

One more vernatsch/schiava gentile that i deeply enjoy
Simple, honest, that crisp cherry with a tiny bit of bittterness, smooth tannin, great freshness, mineral mood and a feminine body, very attractive, kind of exotic, but familiar...i can't explain
I am sure this bottle will benefit from a couple of years of rest, you can tell there is a texture that is going to flesh out, to become kind of chewy
I reckon this wine is a real bargain, but you need to like the typology
— 2 months ago

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Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

La Grande Dame Brut Champagne Blend 2012

90% Pinot noir and you can tell. Medium body but light on its feet. Exotic and luscious. — a day ago

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Don Miguel Gascón

Reserva Mendoza Malbec 2010

2010. Pulled from the cellar for my sister-in-law that said she really likes Malbec… This wine pleased her and the rest of us. One of the better inexpensive Malbec that I’ve had. Can’t tell if it is the extra age (oldest Delectable review that I could find was 2016), but the tasty fruit was not overpowering at all. — a month ago

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Albert Morot

Les Marconnets Beaune 1er Cru Pinot Noir 1998

Just singing right now! Vibrant red fruits, cassis, marcona almonds. Could only tell the age by the slight color change. — a month ago

Natasha Bray
with Natasha
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Château Le Prieure

St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend 2016

Very modern style, extracted, oaky. Plenty of good fruit. Silky tannins. But lacks character, one cannot tell where it comes from. Not our thing. But better than most modern styled Bordeaux. We dont understand the high prize by some pros… — 2 months ago

Adriana Pagliano
with Adriana
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Ocean Eight

Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2016

At East Bay Nasty Women Pinot Noir tasting. This might have been my favorite of the line up. I immediately, confidently (and very incorrectly) called Burgundy (Cote de Beaune) based on the texture—lithe with silky tannins that are ever so slightly rustic on the finish. Lovely purity of fruit - tart red cherry, rhubarb. Savory/herbal finish reminded me of the Sonoma Coast. At one point, the fruit ripeness would have screamed new world but with warmer and dryer recent vintages in Burgundy, that’s no longer a given.

This producer, like nearly everyone else in the world making Pinot outside of burgundy, cited Burgundy as their influence and has spent a good deal of time there, but in this case it really shows. Of course, there are likely details that make this uniquely Mornington-Penninsula-esque and I can’t pretend that I’ve had nearly enough Australian Pinots (shame on me!) to tell you what those are. This is one of the coolest growing regions in Australia, and these vines are grown in soils with a high % of sand.
Found this photo via search as I forgot to snap a bottle shot. I *think* the vintage was 2016.
— 3 days ago

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Domaine Henri Rebourseau

Gevrey-Chambertin Pinot Noir

Pretty good PN, please don’t tell my friends! — a month ago

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Max Geitlinger

Maximal Pinot Noir 2017

Nose is wildflowers and spice.

Palate is sweet cherry fruit. Amazing balance. Really warm/comforting on the palate. Like you are wearing a sweater your mom knit for you.

I’d drink this now. It could be ok for 2-3 years or it might start to decline. Hard to tell.

Bought from fass selections.
— 2 months ago

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