10 Years Old Madeira Bual

Hiiiii the nuttiness is so pronounced until you get deep dark blackberry jam bits—just a tad—conjuring PBJ sandwiches. But the body is the ultimately mid-weight. Then comes toffee. And caramel. All the smoky cooked sugars you can imagine with a hit of VA pleasantly enlightening all. — 2 months ago

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Single Harvest Colheita Madeira Malmsey 1996

Yes!! Nutty and nice toffee sweets! This is interesting Madeira! Not the acidity that Bual has. Great glass. — a year ago

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10 Years Old Madeira Malmsey

I love Madeira. I don’t know if it loves me but it is at least on friendly terms with my taste buds. My taste buds like dessert. Even if you think you don’t like sweet wine the acidity on this may turn your head. It is a nuts cutting down molasses mountains carpeted in trees loosing glazed nuts. Malmsey. Definitely my friend. — 3 years ago

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5 Years Reserva Madeira Rich Doce


Great #qpr #madeira — 7 months ago

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Madeira Bual

Vintage 1959, purchased at the lodge in Funchal. Glorious ID its balance Of acidity with sweetness and vibrant dried fruit, toasted nuts and burned sugar. Superb — 2 years ago

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Alvada 5 Year Old Madeira

Solid, straightforward rich Madeira — 3 years ago


10 Year Old Madeira Dry Sercial

Good Sercial with dark brown cloudy color. Unremarkable nutty flavor but good QPR. A good buy for its price. — a year ago


Single Harvest Bual Madeira 1996

15 yrs, bottled in 2011
— a year ago

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5 Year Old Sercial Dry Madeira

So much like brandy but so good. Light sweetness and a whiskey-like finish. Our first Madeira ... great introduction. — 2 years ago