Ghost Hill Cellars

Bayliss-Bower Vineyard Pinot Noir 2021

Classic #yamhillcarlton #pinotnoir as an after-dinner aperitif. Cherry, pomegranate molasses, some spice on finish. Yum. — a month ago

Nicolas Bazan

Haydee Pinot Noir 2010

Graceful #yamhillcarlton #oregon #pinotnoir. For a 12 year-old Pinot, first day impression was it drank quite young. Second day the age shows a bit more with some initial oxidative funk that melts away revealing a still youthful and lithe core. Alluring Burgundian nose with layers of cherry, limestone, forest floor, kola nut, faint white mushroom. Throughly enjoyable palate with pleasingly plush texture, energetic acidity, sweet tobacco and long pepper on the finish. Gossamer tannins build on the palate after the inevitable repeated sips - this feels like a QPR benchmark for Oregon Pinots. — a year ago

Carlton Hill

Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir 2010

April Yap-Hennig

Delightful find from #YamhillCarlton AVA. @cartonhillwinery 2010 Pinot Noir — 10 years ago

Nicolas Bazan

Una Vida Wahle Vineyards Pinot Noir 2013

Upon opening a touch more smoke and savory notes on the nose than I remember from the 2010 vintage yet no oxidative notes. Next day stored in the wine fridge it opened up so much more. Less of those toasted oak notes and more sous bois, subtle dark cherry - lifted acidity on the palate, lovely medium texture and such a nice balance of fruit and savory notes. It would be a fantastic food wine but epitome of elegant age in a #yamhillcarlton #pinotnoir — 10 months ago

Trousse Chemise

Yamhill-Carlton Chardonnay 2016

Old-fashioned Burgundian style. Plenty of acidity, oak doesn’t dominate, moderate alcohol. Lots of yellow fruits and brioche. Finishes long, mineral and refreshing. #oregon #chardonnay #yamhillcarlton — 6 years ago

Nicolas Bazan

Haydee Pinot Noir 2010

Same notes apply as other bottle I tasted last year from this vintage. Vintage consistency is good - I drank this one faster so less decline. Such a well-made transparent #yamhillcarlton #pinotnoir at a too good to pass up price. — a year ago

Trousse Chemise

Yamhill-Carlton Chardonnay 2017

Toasty, oaky and rich, but not overdone. Low alcohol, in the 13% range. Dead ringer for a good Mercurey or Rully. #troussechemise #oregon #yamhillcarlton #chardonnay — 5 years ago

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Boedecker Cellars

Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013

Ruby-red translucence with little to no rim variation. Red roses, prime rib with cedar smoke, pure, black cherry juice, dried rosemary, sliced red plum, frozen raspberries and a touch of blood orange make this an aromatic cousin of Nebbiolo, in a way. Medium, silly mouthfeel that genuinely delivers a sumptuous cranberry in warm raspberry juice stirred coldly into warm black and tart cherry to acheive a balance of temperature fruitwise. There is white pepper, a dash of graphite, dry, earthen dustiness, black olive and lime leaf. The whole burgeons into an endless concerto of complex herbs and metal-shop shavings awash in shining red fruits and flowers. Concentrated, and beautiful, but only the parts it was born with, and maybe a stave or two. #pinotparadise #pn #pinotnoir #oregonpride #oregonwines #boedecker #yamhillcarlton #americanpinot #singlevineyard #sheavineyards #Shea — 7 years ago

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