Left Coast Cellars

Latitude 45 Pinot Noir 2014

#leftcoastcellars delivers Scrumptious and full flavored for #pinotnoirs. “Slurpable” as described by @Nicolette Hill! Loaded with red fruit flavor cherry 🍒 and raspberries; great with any meal. #willamette #willamettevalley #oregon #oregonwines #latitude45 #dijonclone we enjoyed this so very much! — 4 years ago

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Bryn Mawr

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2008

Great structure for Pinot! Yesterday this was live spruce, pomegranate, strawberry-rhubarb, dried raspberry and cinnamon fragranced, today it is cranberry bread, dried strawberry, plum blossoms. Yesterday, tart cherry, cinnamon and cherrywood with an interesting bitter orange. Twenty eight plus hours later it is cran-lemon, lead-dusted raspberry, peppery plum, violets and St Johns wort. Turnabout is fair play. Glad this had the legs to kick it! #willamette #willamettewine #oregonpinotcamp #oregonwines #brynmawr #pinotparadise — 7 years ago

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King Estate

Acrobat Oregon Pinot Noir 2012

Roast coffee, raspberry. Bright raspberry and cherry with crisp finish. #oregonwines — 9 years ago

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Boedecker Cellars

Shea Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013

Ruby-red translucence with little to no rim variation. Red roses, prime rib with cedar smoke, pure, black cherry juice, dried rosemary, sliced red plum, frozen raspberries and a touch of blood orange make this an aromatic cousin of Nebbiolo, in a way. Medium, silly mouthfeel that genuinely delivers a sumptuous cranberry in warm raspberry juice stirred coldly into warm black and tart cherry to acheive a balance of temperature fruitwise. There is white pepper, a dash of graphite, dry, earthen dustiness, black olive and lime leaf. The whole burgeons into an endless concerto of complex herbs and metal-shop shavings awash in shining red fruits and flowers. Concentrated, and beautiful, but only the parts it was born with, and maybe a stave or two. #pinotparadise #pn #pinotnoir #oregonpride #oregonwines #boedecker #yamhillcarlton #americanpinot #singlevineyard #sheavineyards #Shea — 7 years ago

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King Estate

Acrobat Oregon Pinot Noir 2013

Delicious wine right. Seriously juicy and delightful with great acid and light on the tannins. My only criticism is that the alcohol is a tad too high- clocks in @ 13.5, but feels like 14%. My only suggestion to the wine maker is to dial it down. Seriously I mean you guys can afford to do that, and think how amazing it would be. I know your yeast can take it high to 13.5% but tame it down. Try it out guys, I'm eager to see how it comes out! #kingestate #oregonwines #wine — 9 years ago

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King Estate

Signature Collection Oregon Pinot Noir 2012

Ruby red and light for the vintage and location. I rather enjoyed it. Too bad I spilled it all over myself. #winesathome #wines #pinotnoir #wine #oregonwines #kingestates — 9 years ago

Union Wine Co.

Underwood Oregon Pinot Noir 2015

Really liked this one. Not a lot of depth, but lots of bright red fruit. Very food friendly, light Oregon Pinot. #pinotnoir #oregonwines #lcbo — 7 years ago


Vintage Brut Grower Series Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2010

Baked yellow apple, pumpkinseed, smoky biscuit, buttered gourd, zucchini blossom and saline oak define a subtle aromatic interplay. A touch of caper turns lemon cream, and an even drier grapefruit and lemon tea. Very interesting stuff. #sparklingwine #bubbles #sparkleon #bubblesonabudget #oregonwines #brut — 7 years ago

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The Four Graces

Willamette Valley Pinot Blanc 2013

Crisp, lemon, gooseberry sharp acidity. Very versatile. #oregonwines — 9 years ago

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Harmonia Pinot Noir 2007

Definitely an Oregon Pinot Noir from Oregon is fantastic #oregonwines #jodam01wines #happyfriday — 10 years ago