Weingut Keller

Weingut Keller

Kirchspiel Riesling 2011

Round with mineral core, sweeter than expected, terrific poise & balance. — 4 days ago

Alsu Shakirova
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Weingut Keller

Kirchspiel Riesling GG 2019

There was a sense of disappointment with each waft of petrol aroma from the glass. It just shouldn’t be there in a Riesling this young, and especially in one from KP. Clearly the journey taken by this bottle hasn’t been the kindest on its condition. Nevertheless, the DNA of KP’s Kirchspiel still shone through - the regal elegance, palpable minerality, and youthful tannic tartness. Discounting the infuriating petrol note, it was all ripe citrus fruits, herbs, chalk, salt, chalk, salt, chalk and more salt. It was just so mineral, and even more so on day two! I do like it, but I can’t help but feel robbed of the full enjoyment of this wine due to the petrol notes (doubly so when you consider how long I’ve craved for KP’s wines - nearly a year since my last fix). Onwards to a better bottle! — 3 months ago

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Keller Estate

La Cruz Vineyard Syrah 2007

Keller Estate La Cruz Vineyard Syrah 2007: Medium-plus bodied. Nice balance. Soft tannins. Blue & blackberry fruit dominate. Plum. Subtle oak. Smooth warm finish. All in all, an excellent & powerful Sonoma Coast cool climate Syrah! Great week to all! Cheers🍷 — 4 months ago

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Weingut Keller

Morstein Riesling 2013

Perfect mind blowing life affirming wine. Never had this with age. KP says to drink the 13s now, we drink the 13s now. Very expressive Keller-like fruit with an insanely long mineral finish that lasts minutes. Heavenly. — 2 months ago

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Weingut Keller

Trocken Rheinhessen Grauer Burgunder


Little sweet, light — 3 months ago

Weingut Keller

Abts E de Riesling 2011

2011’s from Keller are simply electric and Abtserde, my favorite bottling is absolutely stunning in this vintage. Abtserde has the power and exoticism of Hubacker and the intense minerality of Morstein. The full package. And each are showcased here seamlessly. After a short decant it’s bursting with intense juicy layers of stone fruits, wet stones and key lime. The palate is ripping with citrus inflicted acids, killer vibrancy, texture and stunning length. And still so young! Amazing future. — 5 months ago

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Ominikaner-Keller Nieschen Spätlese Riesling 2015

Holy $&!? this is good! Smells like shower curtain. Tastes like poached peaches and honey. — 2 months ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Are we talking a fresh shower curtain just unwrapped and put up or the moldy one someone just threw away?
Adriana Fabbro

Adriana Fabbro

@Paul T- Huntington Beach brand new for sure. this is a pretty & pristine wine sans those funkier notes.
Adriana Fabbro

Adriana Fabbro

@Severn Goodwin agreed, but they are also in such a lovely place now that it’s hard to justify waiting!

Weingut Keller

-RR- Rheinhessen Riesling 2017

A not quite dry riesling from Keller. After 5 years this is starting to take on some complexity and has a lovely honey colour. I'm not the biggest fan of kabinett style of riesling but in 5-10 years i think this will be very impressive. — 3 months ago

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