5 Years Old Reserve Madeira

First off, anything that does not spoil for eons gets extra points: also, you can do anything from chocolate to pork pairing. Not complex but doesn’t need to be. Just bought the 10 yro reserve so will be interesting to compare — 15 days ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Not fashionable, but só pleasing 🙃
Peter Sultan

Peter Sultan

It is curious to me that Madeira is not big in the States @Peter van den Besselaar


Rainwater Madeira

I’m in love with Madeira, and this is a really nice value move — 25 days ago

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10 Years Old Madeira Bual

Medium brown in color and you can tell from the legs it has significant viscosity. Dried figs, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, buttered brown sugar, orange marmalade, toasted walnut, banana, and a hint of alcohol on the nose. Heavy sweetness, golden raisin, golden delicious apple, burnt caramel and a touch of coffee on the palate. Thick luscious mouthfeel but the amount of sugar in this means that isn’t a surprise in the least, luckily there is a nice acidity that pushes back the sweetness to keep it from being overwhelming. Hoisin sauce, nuttiness, and once the sweetness has faded enough a hint of a tannic bite on the finish. — 2 months ago

Vinhos Barbeito

Historic Series Savannah Verdelho Special Reserve Madeira Verdelho

Very smokey nose but balanced sweet fruits and nutty cinnamon/baking spice. Good ender to the night. — 3 days ago

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10 Years Old Madeira Malmsey

I love Madeira. I don’t know if it loves me but it is at least on friendly terms with my taste buds. My taste buds like dessert. Even if you think you don’t like sweet wine the acidity on this may turn your head. It is a nuts cutting down molasses mountains carpeted in trees loosing glazed nuts. Malmsey. Definitely my friend. — a month ago

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CARM (Casa Agrícola Roboredo Madeira)

Grande Reserva Douro Red Blend 2013

This burly blend showcases how Portugal perfectly bridges the sensibilities between Old and New World. The nose may read as a bold vintage of Reserva Rioja, but the palate has more in common with the riper, denser reds from California or Washington. Baked red and black fruit with licorice, vanilla, and very fine grained tannins. Ageworthy and a perfect bottle to pair with a NY strip. $40 — 3 years ago

Justino Henriques

Rainwater Medium Dry Tinta Negra Mole

Nice balance of dry and sweet, very versatile, can drink will many things. — 4 days ago


Vintage Madeira Boal 1908

Carmel, hazelnut, silky not too sweet. A lifetime in a bottle. — 21 days ago

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CARM (Casa Agrícola Roboredo Madeira)

Reserva Branco Douro White Blend 2015

indigenous 3 🍇 varieties Portuguese blend.
half of grapes met oak.

fruity (mostly citrus variety including lime, grapefruit and some oranges) and generous, yet elegant and restrained. salty.

it presents a well made story, but it's not my fave genre.

a few more years will improve it, I'm certain.
— a month ago

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Vision Cellars

Pinot Noir 2018

Hey, Delectable— this is the Visions 2018 North Coast Pinot, but the ID wasn’t available.

Unabashedly ripe and warm, but with a distinctive umami flavor (hoisin sauce?) that I’m really digging. Black cherry, black plum and even blue fruit on the nose and palette. Lovely satiny texture. Medium + finish.

Hedonistic in the way you’d expect from a winemaker mentored by the Wagners, but the suppleness and umami notes make this wine stand out in a sea of north coast Pinot Noir, and the absence of new oak lets the fruit do the taking. Perfect with chicken lettuce wraps and haricot verts smothered in Madeira mushroom cream sauce.

Owner/founder, Mac Macdonald, has been making his own California Pinot Noir for more than 25 vintages now and it shows. Side note: he’s also one of the better story tellers in the biz.

Initially sampled as part of a tasting with the
#AAAV (Association of African American Vintners) and took the bottle home.
— 3 hours ago

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