Château Durfort Vivens

Relais de Durfort-Vivens

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 2015

Higher marks for being the complimentary wine in the Air France lounge. Here’s to hoping Delta can step it up. — 2 months ago

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Château Latour

Grand Vin de Château Latour Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 1989

1989. Renowned mildest latour n yes, no stress to drink like a dufort vivens. Opens up after 2 hrs in decanter. Buy. — 7 years ago

Château Durfort-Vivens

Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend 1998

There is tar, cedar, cigar, black currant, oak. This is a médoc nose quite evidently and it's clearly not showing any sign of age. The palate is made of a huge acid backbone, a good width with matter on the sides, there is a bit of weight on the sides too, a bit of thickness. Coffee notes and black currant are complementing the acid backbone quite well, conferring a noble character to the wine. Then comes intergrated yet present tannins. It creates a dusty, grainy layer which expands into the finish and keeps going for a very long while. Those same coffee notes and that black currant fruit go along for a very long time making way to a very nice bitter note in the end. This as noble as you could expect from a wine with this pedigree. I tasted the same bottle 5 years ago and it was back then too young and rough around the edges. It has just entered its prime it seems. 23 years of age and kicking! — 3 months ago

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Scott Rose

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Lucked into some newer vintages that are lovely. Not exactly the easiest Margaux to find in my neck of the woods.
Daniel M

Daniel M

@Scott Rose the first time I had this vintage, about 5 years ago it was very hard and tough. Glad it's in a better place now. Would love to taste newer vintages and your comment tells me it's a good idea!

Château Durfort-Vivens

Gonzague Lurton Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend

I absolutely love this one. Deep , oaky. A great Margaux for the price. Will stock up — 6 years ago

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C. da Silva

Five Crown Late Bottled Vintage Fine Douro Port 1946

C. Da Silva Five Crown Fine Douro Port of the 1946 Vintage.
My research indicates that it is either an old LBV or an old Tawny. C. Da Silva was founded in 1862 and it looks like they used the Five Crowns name for both styles of port. The port in this bottle was very tawny like! It was also somewhat cloudy due to age. The port was sound, though. Lots of sweet candy. Alcohol was dominant but it really tasted like a really old tawny (which it was). This was not an expensive wine to start with so it was fun to drink after the 1926 Durfort Vivens.
— 7 years ago