Georg Breuer

Rauenthal Estate Riesling 2016

There is nothing like German Riesling! Georg Breuer is one of my favorite producers from the Rheingau region. Wonderful flavors of lemon zest, star fruit, tart pineapple. Crisp and dry Riesling. #summerofriesling #rheingau #deutscherwein #germanwine #germanwinesociety — 5 years ago

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Schloss Reinhartshausen

Old Vine Dry Rheingau Riesling 2013

Wet stone and lime with a Petrol suggestion; fresh leek and crisp jalapeño. Lime and brine with a crab apple sweetness that disappears rapidly to a dry lime, underripe plum, pith flesh rainbow, then key lime oil and lemon zest. #riesling #rheingau #dryriesling #schlossreinhartshausen #oldvine #germanwinesociety #deutschland #Schlossabfüllung #germanwine #wein #whitewinekindofnight — 7 years ago

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Hallgartener Kabinett Trocken Riesling 2007

Fred #Prinz' attractive #Rheingau #Rieslings inevitably say "pear extract" to me. They also have a mineral floral aspect that gives them a racy complexity and they are consistently well-structured, allowing them to age for decades. This #2007 was an unmitigated triumph for him and one that after nearly a decade has blossomed into a gorgeous #Riesling! #spätlese — 8 years ago

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Peter Jakob Kühn

Stock & Stein trocken Riesling 2015

The “iron fist/velvet glove” of dry Riesling. All the great Rheingau stuff, wrapped in a package of near-GG texture and laser beam structure. Long, haunting, evocative finish. This is the kind of white wine that easily pairs with a boar chop, perfectly roasted rare venison loin or fallow deer. Special. #peterjakobkühn #rheingau #riesling — 5 years ago

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Weingüter Wegeler ( Geheimrat J. Wegeler )

Geheimrat J Rheingau Spätlese Trocken Riesling 2009

One of my favorite producers from the #Rheingau Straw gold hue. Rich, over-ripe yellow fruits on the palate. Quince, Asian Pear, honeydew....#spätlese #trocken dry, late harvest #Riesling. Simply elegant and refined from beginning to end! — 7 years ago

Schloss Vollrads

Rheingau Riesling 2013

Pale yellow colour, floral nose, slaty and mineral #Rheingau #Riesling. Citrus notes (lime), medium acidity and a short-ish finish. Simple wine; which sometimes a polite way of saying you begin the next day with a headache. — 7 years ago

Eva Fricke

Rheingau Trocken Riesling 2016

Big and commanding. Orange peel and minerals. Fine acid cut, which bolsters the power. Fricke & Kuhn are my favorite Rheingau growers- head and shoulders above the pack. #rheingau #evafricke #riesling — 6 years ago

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Weingut Johannishof (H.H. Eser)

Charta Riesling 2011

Vintage 2011 / wow, after cellaring, this #riesling has become beautiful! Honey and minerals in smell, splendid acidity and great balance. #rheingau Partnered it with vegetarian ‘meatballs’ from beetroot, quinoa, herbs and egg with tzatziki — 6 years ago

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Weingut Robert Weil

Kiedrich Gräfenberg GG trocken Riesling 2013

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Young with ripping acid. Great density and structure. Lacked tension. Needs lots of time. #robertweil #grossesgewächs #rheingau #germany #riesling #trocken #ctbucklinwine — 7 years ago

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Staatsweingüter Eltville am Rhein

Rauenthaler Pfaffenberg Trockenbeerenauslese Riesling 1953

HOLY MOLY #RauenthalerPfaffenberg #TBA #1953. This was a BLOCKBUSTER of a wine from one of the 20th century's finest vintages... caramelized orange peel, honeycomb, essence of late-harvest #Rheingau #Riesling--BOOM!!! — 8 years ago

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Owen Rosenberg

Owen Rosenberg

Dade, is that the wine in its glass? What's color!
Dade Thieriot

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@Owen Rosenberg 1953... Golden brown and still beautiful! Only shows how well Riesling can age