Enderle & Moll

Spätburgunder Rosé 2018

Closer to a Valpolicella Classico or Vernatsch than your typical Provence rosé.
Dark(er) in colour and in the nose with sweet strawberry & rhubarb, ripe watermelon and succulent blood-orange, on a bed of rocky, herby minerality. So sappy and succulent, with surprising weight and a touch of tannin but with such a flow - this is a delight.
E&M rocks! (as always)
— 2 years ago

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Weingut In der Eben

Sankt Anna Vernatsch 2015

100% Schiava from Alto Adige. Wild strawberries, fruit, cherries. Nice bitterness like Dolcetto. Biodynamic. Indigenous yeast. 24 months in wood, 6 in bottle. Nonfiltered. Vineyards are 60-70 years old, cellar is more than 700 years old. Excellent example of Schiava. 12.5% abv. Fantastic with mushrooms! Roscioli wine club. — 3 years ago


Fass Nr. 9 Vernatsch Südtirol-Alto Adige Schiava 2012

Für das Alter noch immer frisch, sehr elegant — 2 years ago

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Kellerei St. Michael-Eppan

St. Michael-Eppan Pagis Vernatsch Schiava 2017

Opens with a bit of reduction, Plums & more plums and a bit of cherry with a pinch of cinnamon & cloves and some damp, earthy undergrowth. On the palate this is surprisingly plush (for a Vernatsch) with soft plums and a bit of prune plus a herby, slightly bitter tang. Quite tannic yet juicy & nicely balanced.
A very nice one, in a riper, fuller style (again, for a Vernatsch).
— 2 years ago

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Campill Red Blend 2015

Juicy fruit from Alto Adige. From the grape schiava, also called vernatsch, not a red blend. — 4 years ago

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Heinrich Mayr (Nusserhof)

Elda Rosso Schiava 2012

Pomegranate, frozen strawberries, cranberry concentrate, rhubarb, white pepper, raspberry tea. Snapping acidity, light medium bodied, juicy texture, minimal crunchy tannin presence, long fruity slightly smoky finish. Aromatic, alpine freshness persists, as evolved as schiava/vernatsch/trollinger gets. — 5 years ago

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Weingut Abraham

Upupa Rot Rosslauf 2016

A slightly more modern yet highly authentic interpretation of Vernatsch. Cool & fresh with ripe plums, with some plum jam, a bit of damp earth & undergrowth, some graphite.
Nicely drawn, this is featherlight yet focused & precise, with pure, juicy fruit, good acidity and present tannins - quite light yet with grip. The aging in (large wood) fills the mid palate nicely. This is why I love Vernatsch!
Old vines, 5% Pinot noir, organic.
— 2 years ago

Colterenzio Schreckbichl

St. Magdalener Vernatsch Lagrein 2017

For $16 this totally over performs for the money- delicious schiava strawberry cotton candy notes and a little sweet lemon custard to make it weird. Love this! So delicious!!! — 4 years ago

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Erste + Neue Kellerei

Puntay Kalterersee Vernatsch

Tastes like Pinot noir — 4 years ago

Nadia Al-Amir

Nadia Al-Amir

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