Porto, Douro

Quinta Do Infantado

Vintage Porto Port Blend 2003

The first wine to celebrate my baby girls HS Graduation. So proud of her. She loves port so I surprised her with this birth year port as our dessert tonight. Graduation is tomorrow. Proud papa gonna cry — a day ago

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Dawn E.

Dawn E.

@Raul Puga Congratulations! 👩‍🎓
Raul Puga

Raul Puga

@Dawn E. Thank you ☺️


How exciting! 😃Congratulations! And it's okay to cry at your child's graduation. 🎓

Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

20 Year Old Tawny Porto

Body is surprising light. Sweet plummy notes that are pleasant but not overly cloying. Elegant port. — 6 days ago

W. & J. Graham's

Finest Reserve Porto Port Blend

Fruit forward yumminess! Flavors of rum raisin, chocolate and cherry! — 22 days ago

W. & J. Graham's

Vintage Port Blend 2007

Now & Forever

07 Port Vintage has high expectations. Time to check in on my first Graham’s 375ml

Served with the Vinloq System
👃Purple fruits. Hint of raisining
👅Sweet ripe plums & blackberries. Perfumed almonds, chocolate, vanilla, & 5 spice. Silky & creamy texture. Mod sweetness for a V.P. Finishes with eucalyptus. No heat

Remaining wine Slow Decanted in my fridge with Vinloq

Just as incredible as DAY1

Complex. Beautiful. Balanced

So drinkable now. About as good as 14 yr old vintage port can taste. Every component in balance. Gentle tannins but nice grip and proper acidity. Fantastic over 3 weeks. Looking forward to tracking my remaining bottles of this over time 👍

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— 15 days ago

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Royal Oporto (Real Companhia Velha)

20 Year Old Tawny Porto

Always enjoy Port, lots of deep baked red fruit flavors. Cheers. — 13 days ago

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Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

LBV Porto Blend 2016

Jan A

In a very good place now, round red and blue fruit, uplifting bitter tannins and that typical vintage port nose. — a month ago

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Vintage Port Blend 1977

This is alive but it’s a person you’re not sure you want to spend time with. The color is alive. Smoked paprika, char-cooked cherries, garringue, sweet spicy peppers. Not disappointed. The fun of auction. — 12 days ago

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Quinta Do Bomfim Vintage Porto Port Blend 1690

Alex Lallos

Great again. Super light in color but fully loaded and very subtle. Still young but throwing a bunch of sediment (out of 375ml) exceptional with the bolivar cuban stick. — 10 days ago

Lee Lightfoot
with Lee
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Fine White Porto

NV It is certain that the moment you taste, the people with who you taste, the atmosphere is important for your valuation. I never drink white port. Chilled port on a sunny Saturday afternoon with some ‘amuses’ I find incredibly enjoyable. And great value. Fine appetizer. — 13 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Agreed, I faintly enjoy white Port, but a Spring afternoon is the perfect companion.


Grand Reserve Porto 1957

Sean Trapani

Currants, fig, marzipan swim in a lush bath of balanced ripeness. A small miracle in small drops. — 21 days ago