Kindzmareuli, Kakheti


Old Vine Dry Amber Mtsvane 2019

Rkasitelli (white) grapes are fermented on their skins in clay amphora to develop this beautiful amber colored wine. Aromas of oranges and apricot. Apple, peach and caramel on the pallet. Rich texture. There are tannins in this wine but the finish is creamy and smooth. Interesting. — 2 days ago

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Teliani Valley

Unfiltered Saperavi 2019

Thick grape texture and taste — 4 days ago


Khvanchkara Semi-Sweet Red

Very smooth and refined Georgian Red Wine — 3 years ago

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Pheasant's Tears

Rkatsiteli 2020

Great rose. Not the normal Pheasant’s tears we normally have, but very good — 6 days ago

Anapea Village

Qvevri Traditional Rose Rkatsiteli 2013

Absolutely loved this Georgian rose picked up at Il Vino Torchio. Balances tannins, strawberry first with a dry leathery ending, more like a red than rose. — 12 days ago

Nareklishvili & Son's Winery

Khikhvi Qvevri 2019

Timo A

A robustly flavored dark amber wine with strong notes of honey and raisins. — 23 days ago

Château Mukhrani

Supérieur Saperavi 2016

A fine saperavi. Aromas and flavors of dark fruit, spice, a bit of cocoa powder, and a hint of tobacco leaf. I've noted a bit of Georgian script on the label of this bottle, otherwise it's all in French! 100% Saperavi. 7/29/22. — 8 months ago

Antadze Winery

Kakheti Mtsvane 2019

the purity, the soul! — a day ago


Kakheti Rkatsiteli

Coupe Club jan 2022 — 7 months ago

Pheasant's Tears

Dry Unfiltered Amber Mtsvane 2012

グルジアの白ワイン、アメリカ人の画家さんが作ったワイン。独特なニュアンス。初めて味は違うけどレッチーナを飲んだ印象。独特の酸味 — 3 years ago