Reserva Anna Brut Blanc de Blancs Cava Blend

NOSE: lemon cream, buttered crusty toast, a very mild soft cheese.

TASTE: a blast of citrus - first explicit orang, then lemon drops and grapefruit … the grapefruit and orange is the impression that lingers. Simple, but good! 89-90.
— 2 months ago

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Los Carneros Pinot Noir 2017

Artesa (ahr TESS uh) means "craftsman" and connotes "handcrafted" in Catalan, language of Barcelona and their owner, Codorníu, one of the world's largest and oldest wineries. Ruby with rich berry fruit, citrus and floral spice. On the palate, strawberry and cherry, tangy, with cola and cedar notes adding earthy tones. Bright acidity, soft expressive tannins, long finish ending with mineral and cedar spice. Very nice, drink now & over next 5 years. — 2 years ago

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Ecológica Cava Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada 1551

NV In one generation we saw a major change in how organic vintners are perceived. The techniques and knowledge also made leaps forward. Organic vintners were seen as weirdo’s in the past - nowadays winegrowers have to justify why they do nót work biodynamic. It has become more common. I do not know why the big producer Codorniu puts ‘ecologica’ on the label? It is not a unique selling point, is it? The cava is very pleasant: lively with pretty fruitiness. Impressions of lime. From Xarel-lo and Parellada. Perfect with the Sunday scrambled eggs for breakfast. — 6 months ago

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Ars Collecta 459 Gran Reserva Brut 2010


Delicious. One of the best #Cava — 2 years ago

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Anna de Codorniu Brut Chardonnay Pinot Noir Rosé

Luxardo cherry fun that tilts at sweet isn’t actually. I also get limoncellos. It’s a cocktail of fun this is. — 3 years ago

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Nice! Haven't seen this before!😀
Ellen Clifford

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@Trixie it’s worth trying!


Dulce Anna Cava Sparkling Blend

4/3/2022: BELLMONT SPANISH RESTAURANT (Coral Gables) with Family — 10 months ago


Brut Cuvée Barcelona 1872 Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada 1972

Thanksgiving orange and elderberry mimosas — a year ago


Gran Reserva Ars Collecta Gran Rosé Blend 2017


Pale #rosé #cava with #pinotnoir #xarello and #parellada and 36 months maturing on lees. Surprisingly fresh and juicy and crunchy. The winemaker Bruno said that for him, it is a Wine to cellar, that it will age marvelously. — 2 years ago

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Raventos i Blanc

De la Finca Gran Reserva Cava Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada 2014

50% XareL-Lo, 40% Macabeo, 10% Parellada

Spain, Barcelona - Conca del Riu Anoia (Not Cava, working on unique DO since 2012)

Clear, lighter side of medium gold, steady stream of bubbles.

Clean, lite autolytic character, medium mineral, could develop further

Dry, medium acidity, sleek body, light autolytic notes before notes of saline mineral, even dispersion of delicate bubbles on palette.

Medium+ finish

Good on its own, better with food, more pronounced acidity saline and autolytic notes with food. bubble basically gone in last pour (1.5 hours). Very much welcomed at my table, very happy.

Old vines in Goblet system from 1964.
Vineyard is an ancient sea bed with fossilized sea shells from way back in the day. Land has been vineyard, and a family estate since 1497 (Raventós and eventually +Codorníu) 1986 Manuel Raventós i Blanc produced the first estate cava.... lots of history, and Biodynamic to boot!
— 4 years ago

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