Sonoma Coast, Sonoma County


Silver Eagle Vineyard Pinot Noir 2016

Shay A

I had a disappointing experience with the 2017 a few months back (I think it was in a dumb phase, because these are normally delicious), and wanted to see how the 2016 fared. I also wanted to compare my GlasVin aromatic burg glass with my new Grassl Cru burg glass.

Classic RM SE wine here. At five years, it’s still voluptuous and rich enough to play to those who enjoy the bigger style but has plenty of acidity and snap on the palate to cater to those who prefer more restraint. It does have some signature blood orange both aromatically and on the palate, along with spice, dark floral tones/potpourri and rich black cherry. Whereas the 2017 showed more cola and menthol, I don’t get that at all here. Bright and lifted overall profile. Quite delicious and will be easily for another 5+yrs.

As an aside, the Grassl Cru glass has a much more narrow rim and makes the aromatics more concentrated than the GlasVin. They both drank similarly. Maybe Grassl for more lean/true burgundy pinots that may need concentration and GlasVin for new world/bigger style pinots since they don’t need as much help in the aromatic department.
— 12 days ago

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Tobin Spratte

Tobin Spratte

I ran into an RM Summa Vineyard at the shop today. I blame you for my purchasing it. It's a 2018, so sounds like it needs cellar time. What say you?
Shay A

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@Tobin Spratte : Happy to be the reason of your purchase! Not sure what you paid, but the Summa, Summa OV, Occidental and Silver Eagle wines are no brainer wines every year. I’d definitely hold that Summa a few years.
Tobin Spratte

Tobin Spratte

@Shay A the shop had only one case so I had to jump on it. $85. My philosophy is if you pay over $60 for a young red wine, you probably should cellar it. I made the mistake of opening a Pisoni too soon. It was good but not anywhere close to its potential.


Marcassin Vineyard Chardonnay 2013

A bit of a shock to the system for the Burgundian palate. But nice to change it up sometimes! Massively concentrated and pretty opulent to me, but there is a line of racy acidity that balances its weighty texture and full body. It‘s intensely flavored and layered with stone fruit, butterscotch, hazelnuts and hints of burnt orange and marzipan on the finish. A finish which goes on forever. The wine seems to pick up a presence of alcohol over time. Either that or it could have been that dessert altered my palate by the end of the meal. Either way, very enjoyable and always a nice treat to have arguably our country’s best Chard, but for the most part, I‘ll stick to Burgundy 🙃 — 13 days ago

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Shay A

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Amazing they still haven’t released any 2013s to their members.
Lee Pitofsky

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@Shay A I did hear that!

Peay Vineyards

Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2017

Nose is multidimensional which consistently reveals the tasting profile. Rich, creamy foundation with Meyer lemon, pineapple, and apricot poking through. Structurally matches with nice acid balancing the richness. This is rounder and softer than I expected for a young Peay. Drinking very well already. — 11 days ago

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Bella Rosa Sonoma Cost Syrah Rosé 2019

Rosé for Mother’s Day!

Here’s to all of the moms out there 💕💕 We’re grateful for you, you help make the world go ‘round 🌎

This is a beautiful rosé made from Syrah; I love how fragrant this wine is, offering fresh strawberry and raspberry notes also a flinty, smoky influence.

We were introduced to this amazing winery while in Sonoma recently and we’re not looking back! We love their wines and story. Check out my prior notes for more detail.

@cejavineyards Bella Flor, Sonoma County, 2019, ABV 12.8%.
— a day ago

with Deked1
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Aston Estate

Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2015

Ron R

Nose is dominated by flowers and cinnamon. Palate displays coffee notes, sandalwood, smoke and star anise. Tannins are still prominent, as is the acidity. It’s so vibrant and textured. The finish just extends and expands. Another one of our domestic pinot faves.
I was thrilled to read in a recent WS article shared by a friend, that TRB has taken full ownership of this winery. He has a compelling vision for its future. Schrader inadvertently threw shade on this. That’s going to change going forward.
— 9 days ago

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Rhys Vineyards

Alesia Sonoma Coast Syrah 2003

We were so fortunate to have Jeff Brinkman, Rhys’ winemaker for the past 15 years, join our tasting of nine Rhys Syrahs from 2003 - 2013. Loved this wine. Meat, smoke, umami. — 2 days ago

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Anthill Farms

Peters Vineyard Pinot Noir 2019

Subtle earth tones with a wonderful balance of fruit, brininess, and umami. Not a fruit bomb, but instead tastes Burgundian. Great job by Anthill! — a day ago

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Marcassin Vineyard Pinot Noir

A 2009 Marcassin Pinot. Rustic red color and bricking. Cherry sandal wood and wet leaves on the nose with scents of toasted oak, slight florals, spice and oak—a wonderful nose indeed. OMG! Soft creamy and juicy. Taste is full of cherry fruit, a mineral earthiness and spice raspberry long finish. Some subtle hints of tea and tobacco linger. A lovely Pinot for a beautiful sunny and windy evening. — 2 days ago

Karin BlazonaJill Young
with Karin and Jill
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Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2012

David T

Own a handful of vintages of Rivers-Marie Pinot. This is the first I’ve opened up.

What I would expect from a TRB Pinot. A bit more extraction. Still young and a touch astringent. Hence the reason for waiting until now. Needs 3-5 more years with a lot more road ahead.

More thoughts as it opens further & sets on the palate.

Blackberries, black cherries, plum, dry cranberries, pomegranate, blue fruits, raspberries, lots of earth; crushed, dry rocks, rich dark earth, dry brush & top soil, some eucalyptus, mint, dry herbs, mid intensity, dark spice, black tea, very nice, rainfall acidity with fresh, dark, red flowers with violets. The rich almost Kistler style finish is rich, elegant, nicely polished and persists minutes onto spice & dry earth.
— 10 days ago

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David T

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@Joshua Fisher tasted this label young numerous times. This is my first held bottle.
leon egozi

leon egozi

Glad to see you back and posting

Eric Premium Badge

Love that you are back!

Rhys Vineyards

Alesia Chileno Valley Syrah 2004

We were so fortunate to have Jeff Brinkman, Rhys’ winemaker for the past 15 years, join our tasting of nine Rhys Syrahs from 2003 - 2013. Stew, smoke, meat, classic bret. I loved it, others not so much. — 2 days ago

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Ron R

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Big numbers, bro…
Eric Urbani

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@Ron R thx bro for calling me out, still gets a morning after 9.5