Roussillon, Languedoc Roussillon

Daumas Gassac

Rosé Frizant Vin de Pays de l'Hérault Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2021

2021 | Sparkling Wine, Méthode Charmat
(70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% blend of Mourvedre, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Manseng & Muscat)
Mas de Daumas Gassac; Rosé Frizante
Languedoc-Roussillon; Gassac, France

2022 NYE redux in Jan 2023
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I knew, yet proceeded regardless, sabarage of Charmat bottles is ill advised...Not enough pressure in the bottle.
— 20 days ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Chris A If you appreciate the rouge... You need to try the Blanc it's 🤩
Ming L

Ming L

You are all over the places in a short time, from urgent care to ice cream truck! 😀 Glad to see you back.
Severn Goodwin

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@Ming L With recovered palates we're world travelers again.

Domaine Léon Barral

Faugères Carignan Blend 2015

Burnt sugar, clove, orchid nose. Three distinct tasting notes. Notes of fig, well loved leather (e.g. a leather chair or a leather jacket), pomegranate. Opened up super well. Drank at The Tell Me Bar in New Orleans. — 14 days ago

Joseph Lewinski
with Joseph

Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup

Tour de Pierres Coteaux du Languedoc Pic St. Loup Grenache Blend 2018

Juicy, brambly, dripping with bright florals and herbs, stoney too. Always delicious — a month ago

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Domaine Léon Barral

Jadis Faugères Carignane Blend 2017

Nez complexe, bouche ample mais fraîche. — 6 days ago

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Domaine Lafage

La Narassa Grenache Syrah Blend

Cedar with fruity berry aroma. Has a drying effect on the tongue. Nice by itself and good with chicken Parmesan. Add to list to buy again. — 8 days ago

Bastide Miraflors

Cotes Catalanes Vieilles Vignes Syrah-Grenache Blend 2018

Tobacco, smokey, very dry. Syrah and granache. Very good for the price. Alot of possibilities with food. Tried it with a t-bone, supported but did not overpower. — 17 days ago

Daumas Gassac

Mas de Daumas Gassac Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2020

Delightful as always. Delicate, floral, a bit peppery in this vintage, but no issues striking that perfect balance of ripeness and coolness. Ethereal. Hits its stride with an hour of air, excellent cellar potential. — 20 days ago

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Josh Morgenthau

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I’ve always found them really approachable in their first few years, there is a magic to the youthful fruit, then they close down a bit usually 4-7 yo before showing well again. Funnily enough, the back of the label says more or less the same thing in so many words…
Josh Morgenthau

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“enjoy for its complex fruit character in the first five years, or from 7 to 25 years for its depth and complexity.” Written on the back label!
Daniel M

Daniel M

That leaves 2 big windows of opportunity 😁 10 years ago I would have tried, now I hold on my few bottles 🙂 but I might change my mind thanks to you 👍🏻

Jeff Carrel

Les Darons Languedoc Grenache Blend 2020

« Les Darons » 🍷 et Bœuf Bourguignon avec les enfants - magnifique - joyeux Noël🎄 — a month ago

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