Rheingau, Germany

Weingut Josef Leitz

Rüdesheimer Drachenstein Riesling 2001

I didn’t get anything on the nose. Completely closed off and holding back. On the palate a different story. Vibrant, juicy acidity, some apricot and the color is so inviting . This is not classified with the typical German ripeness monikers, but judging by the balanced sweetness and alcohol level I would say it’s an Auslese. German Riesling + age = match made in heaven. — 6 days ago

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Paulaner Munchen

Paulaner Weissbier

Strong head of foam, naturally cloudy.

Mild banana aroma.

Mango and pineapple on the palate. Good balance of sweet and bitter.

Germany's No. 1 Weissbier 🍺 🇩🇪

•5.5% ABV• August 3, 2022 🌼
— 11 days ago

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Jody Scharf

Jody Scharf Premium Badge

Great picture. I can taste it 😋
Luis Arguero (@winefromAtoZ)

Luis Arguero (@winefromAtoZ)

Always a favorite! Cheers 🍻
MaJ CappS

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So good! 🍻

Hansjörg Rebholz


Roughly 2 months ago we visit Ökonomirat Rebholz and we tasted a dozen of Hans Jorg wines under his enthusiastic supervision. His sons were abroad so het took us on a tour trough the vines and wines. At the and of the tasting here poured in this wine and that made us all happy.

👁 bright and light golden colour, very clear.

👃The nose delivers a great pure nose with lots of mango, pear and white citrus tones. There is elegance and finesse and I also smell honey and delicate wood.

👄In the mouth the wine is elegant and a bit salty , it’s a mouthwatering wine. A bit chalky and really great finesse.

💰💰This is again a no brainer for me, great Chardonnay and it’s affordable.

🕰This is great drinking now but can and will develop in bottle in the upcoming years.
— 21 hours ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Fine description 👌

Fritz Haag

Hattenheimer Engelmannsberg Riesling Spätlese 1975

Casey Curbow

ALIVE. Pristine peach skin and apricot. I wish I had more eagle bottles. — 14 days ago

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Max Geitlinger

Maximal Pinot Noir 2016

Nose is cranberry, cranberry flowers on open.

Palate is very bright. Cranberries.

Let’s see where this goes.

As this opens its gradually getting more serious. But still so young.

Needs 3-5 years.

Bought from fass selections
— 5 days ago

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Juliane Eller

Juwel Frühmesse Riesling

Man she is a great winemaker.

Nose is just classic rheinhessen Riesling. Intense Lemon flower extract. Such finely aerated minerals. So good. So precise. Inner mouth aromatics are lemon flower, perfect minerals. So well made.

Palate is mineral. Some citrus. Elegantly Dense. Hint of integrated richness. Meyer lemon.

Gorgeous rich Meyer lemon finish.

For $30ish this is a ridiculous value. Ridiculous. It’s so well made and so good.

Bought from fass selections
— 20 days ago

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Weingut Ziereisen

Musbrugger Badischer Landwein Grauer Burgunder 2019

Aromas are there at arms length - wild orange and baked peach cobbler. Accents of cinnamon, orange zest and bourbon spiked vanilla ice cream. Fun mix in lower amplitudes. — 8 minutes ago

Weingut Johannishof (H.H. Eser)

Charta Riesling 2011

Vintage 2011 | Butter and honey in smell, vibrant taste. Quite high in alcohol, 13,5%, so for me it is a dinerwine. Paired with a Moroccan Tajine and couscous. — 15 days ago

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J. B. Becker

Wallufer Walkenberg Auslese trocken Riesling 2011

Liquid gold in the glass. Amazing depth of flavour and complexity. Ripe fruits and earthy notes in the background. Would instantly drink again! — a month ago

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Ominikaner-Keller Nieschen Spätlese Riesling 2015

Holy $&!? this is good! Smells like shower curtain. Tastes like poached peaches and honey. — 4 days ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Are we talking a fresh shower curtain just unwrapped and put up or the moldy one someone just threw away?
Adriana Fabbro

Adriana Fabbro

@Paul T- Huntington Beach brand new for sure. this is a pretty & pristine wine sans those funkier notes.
Adriana Fabbro

Adriana Fabbro

@Severn Goodwin agreed, but they are also in such a lovely place now that it’s hard to justify waiting!