Valtellina, Sondrio


Stella Retica Sassella Valtellina Superiore Nebbiolo 2015

Lyle Fass

I love this wine and the way it evolve is is just so wonderful. This 2015 Stella Retica always starts aromatically shy. But a few flowers, some berry fruits and faint minerals are there but they are not very loud at the moment of pop and pour. The volume gets turned up very very slowly over the first 30-40 minutes and it’s very cool to follow it. The florality is just stunning and the clarity of the cherry fruit is really something. There’s a sweet mint minerality. This stuff is really like it Giacosa made Valtellina. Epic. Palate is also a young stallion right now. It’s all there but this stallion wants to be left alone in the barn. Beautiful tannins and smack down of a finish. Super concentrated. Powerful. This needs maybe 50+ minutes for the palate to catch up to the nose. But it will. I’ll be back. 9.4 now. A 9.6 nose and a 9.3 palate currently.

This got really good overnight. Deep cherry on the nose. Minerals. Wool. So vivid. Still 9.6 nose but much better and more wide. Palate is juicy and deep with luscious dark and red cherry fruit and luscious deep and ripe tannins. Pure and balanced. Wow. 9.5. Now.
— 23 days ago

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Rosso di Valtellina Chiavennasca 2019

Light but has depth and persistence — 16 days ago

Azienda Agricola Barbacan

Rosso Di Valtellina 2019

Drank at Renzo in Charleston. Juicy, fruit forward, cherry jolly rancher, plum, silky texture, pink peppercorn finish. — a month ago

Joseph Lewinski
with Joseph


Fiamme Antiche Inferno Valtellina Superiore Nebbiolo 2012

Cedar, black cherry pits, med length, fine tannin 👌 — 19 days ago

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La Teña Valtellina Superiore Nebbiolo 2014

Timothy Eustis

2014, with some age on it, this is showing beautifully. Nice dark fruit on nose. Soft tannins, for Nebbiolo. I honestly prefer Valtellina to its more redoubtable neighbors. — 25 days ago

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Nino Negri

Sfursat Valtellina Nebbiolo 2015

Timothy Eustis

Off the chart. Sweet (dry wine) red fruit. And black fruit too. Amazing. If you can find a sforzato try it!! — a month ago

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Sandro Fay

Costa Bassa Valgella Valetellina Superiore Nebbiolo 2016

Christmas Eve 2021 with Jenna erin mom dad and grandma. Really good red Italian. Very light mr. Rotanz I think would like it — a month ago


Riserva Rocce Rosse Sassella Valtellina Superiore Nebbiolo

Needed a while to open up, fabulous with vodka sauce — 4 days ago

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Alberto Marsetti

Rosso di Valtellina Nebbiolo 2018

Had this earlier this year and this bottle is the same - in a good way. Delicious mountain nebbiolo that has a hint of transparency in the color that carries through. Very nice and for <$20 a crazy value from Fass Selections. — a month ago

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Lyle Fass

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Great wine. His Sfursat is also a star.


Rosso di Valtellina Nebbiolo 2016

Mary H

Beautiful light translucent ruby red, delicate rose floral nose. Bright, short and fruit-forward finish. Summer-ripe strawberries. This is Barolo’s fun little sister. Deteriorated significantly hours opening so be sure to finish the bottle quickly! — a month ago

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