Cà dei Frati

Brolettino Lugana Turbiana 2022

This smells exactly like the guava hard candies they give at Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles. — 16 days ago

Corte Sermana

Sermana Riserva Lugana Turbiana 2018

This Lugana is a “riserva”, the opposite of the “fresh” type. Riservas are meant to be aged a bit, much like a high-end Riesling, and are aimed at the German wine market. This is a great example of the craft, medium bodied like a big Chardonnay, but with complex lemon and lime citric flavors like a New Zealand SB. The tartness of the finish allows it to cut through the oils in food to cleanse the palate. I am not accustomed to aging white wines, but I almost wish that I had allowed this to lay down for another year or so. — 2 months ago

Cà dei Frati

Pratto Bianco 2021

Sweet fruity peach. Later on acidity is spreading to both side of my mouth. 21 @6600, Pieroth, 240120 — 5 months ago


Oasi Mantellina Lugana Turbiana Cortese 2022

Greenish yellow. Slight sweet and herb aroma. Parsley. Fresh acidity. Minerals. Lemon. Citrus. 2022 @2800, F Enoteca, 240427-240523 — 2 months ago

Corte Sermana

Palafitte Lugana Spumante Turbiana

This sparkling Lugana, dubbed Palafitte, is dry and about as bubbly as a Prosecco. It’s common for wineries to make sparkling Lugana wines in Champagne style, Prosecco style, or often one of each! This particular wine is made for food, standing up bravely to spicy Asian cuisine. It has palate-cleansing lemon rind and grassy tones, and a slightly bitter bite to the finish that allows one to sample the next dish in the meal with a fresh tongue. — 3 months ago

Casello Bondoni

Brut Rosé

This dry sparkler is made in the Champagne method, using Turbiana and Marzemino grapes. It isn’t a sweet wine, despite the pink color. There’s some refreshing strawberry and almond flavors, and enough bubbly acidity to stand up to really spicy foods. We paired it with Jamaican jerk chicken! It has a pleasant lingering finish, like tart dried peaches. — 5 months ago

Cà dei Frati

I Frati Lugana Turbiana 2022

#eatalywines #lugana this vintage much better day after opening (too much fruit) — 2 months ago

Annie Bevad
with Annie

Albino Armani

Lugana Turbiana 2021

Crisp and dry. Excellent — 4 months ago


Orestilla Lugana Turbiana 2017

Time has turned this wine into a mind blowing experience. The floral bouquet jumps out of the glass.!The flabbiness is gone. Integrated fruit with apricot pit. Focused finish. I was visibly upset when the bottle was empty. — 5 months ago

Cascina Maddalena

Capotesta Lugana Turbiana 2022

This is another Lugana wine, 100% Turbiana. It differs from the “Clay” in that it’s 100% stainless steel, whereas the Clay has 10% of the grapes aged in (old) oak barrels. This is a common practice in the Lugana region; one wine release is “fresh”, aged in all stainless steel, made for immediate drinking, whereas the reserve release has up to 10% of the grapes in restrained oak, and is intended to be aged a bit, like a Riesling.

This “fresh” wine has stronger flavors than the Clay. It really reminds one of a top-tier New Zealand SB. The citric flavors are there, but not overpowering; however, the finish has that bright acidic buzz. The body has the grassy tones that I am coming to associate with this region/style. There’s a touch of sweetness, easy to miss, which comes to the fore when paired with spicier foods.

I wish these wines were easier to procure in the US! They’re made primarily for the German market, hence the similarities to Riesling.
— 5 months ago

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