Pantelleria, Trapani

Alessandro Viola

Note di Bianco Grillo

Zesty minerality with round almond / stone fruit. So delicious and opened up beautifully! — 2 months ago

Vino Lauria

Giardinello Grillo

Yes! If this was 18$ Canadian I’d drink it all the time. Perfect with Oysters — a year ago

Abbazia San Giorgio

Lustro Catarratto

Honey finish - love — 3 years ago

Marco De Bartoli

Pietranera Sicilia Zibibbo

Unusual aromatic nose and fresh, dry, taste. Slightly confusing but equally satisfying. — 3 years ago


Ben Ryé Passito di Pantelleria Zibibbo

Dessert wine, sweet but not cloying, raisin apricot yum — 2 months ago

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Aldo Viola

Krimiso Catarratto 2018

— 8 months ago

Marco De Bartoli

Passito di Pantelleria Bukkuram Zibibbo 2019

Right up there with the best sweet wines I have had in a while. Apricoty joy. Paired very well with peach tart tatin — a year ago

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Marco De Bartoli

Bukkuram Passito di Pantelleria Zibibbo 2020

Super acidity. And peach - the bouquet of the skin of peaches is really prominent, with a honeyed backdrop and nuts and citrus. — 6 months ago

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Marco De Bartoli

10 anni Riserva Marsala Superiore Grillo

Somewhere between an off-dry oloroso sherry and a dry Madeira, with loads of spiced stewed fruit and toasted walnut on the palate. Drier profile than expected on account of its great acidity and touch of balancing bitter tannin. Exquisite, long, oxidative finish. Paired wonderfully with lemon tumeric pound cake. — 2 years ago

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