Oliba Green Beer

Vittorio Bera & Figli

Arcese Cortese Blend

Green apple and honey on the bouquet; zags into a maltier beer-like direction — 4 years ago

Domaine de la Jaufrette

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2010

Interesting spicy nose: sassafras, cinnamon, dried thyme, garrigue, anise, wild berries

Palate of root beer, licorice, dried green herbs, and dark berries. Tannins are a bit drying and astringent.

A bit lighter than the other CdPs we had in our tasting, but nice complexity and very food friendly.
— 5 years ago

Brooks DampmanScott Wren
with Brooks and Scott

Hijos de Rainera Perez Marin

"La Guita" Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Palomino Fino

Peanuts, peanut shells, gingerbread, yellow apple, overripe lemon, fresh salty ocean air, stale beer.

Palate is texturally viscous almost creamy. Bright green apple, big salinity, almond, bit of tropical fruit, and oxidative burn peanut shell.

Acid has left it a bit, but some delicious tertiary flavors make up for it-- tropical fruits of mango, pineapple, and breadiness.

Actually love this. 91
— 5 years ago

Domaine Roulot

Les Meix Chavaux Meursault Chardonnay 2015

Green gold and straw hybridized. Beer-like citrus with a yeasty touch. Lime, lemon seed, lemongrass, white boysenberry, brioche smidges. Silky with lemon oils, lime pith faint tangerine and lime zest, robust with creamy style of lemon marmalade.

#domaineroulot #domaineroulotmeursault #meursault #amc #appellationmeursaultcontrôlèe #burg #blanc #bourgogne #bourgogneblanc #whiteburgundy
— 2 years ago

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Sharon B

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Looks exactly like my black cat!

Sepp und Maria Muster

Welschriesling vom Opok

John R

Bright lively acidity. Green apples on the nose and front of palate. Funky yeasty almost beer like notes. Medium bodied. Age in barrels shows well. — 4 years ago


Marca Trevigiana Frizzante Glera 2018

Honeydew and green apple. Tastes a little like a lager (beer) on the finish. Glera = Prosecco (noting for future reference)! — 5 years ago

Charles Hoyle
with Charles
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Santorini Assyrtiko 2016

My first Greek wine. I love my ouzo still. Don't like mythos beer. Loving Greece and Greek and their anarchist ways. And tarmasalata and skordalia 😋

Light and pale green(ish) 👁️

Whole citrusy (fruit, pith and Peel) with some noted maturity of 🧀 ,olive brine And seasalt. And Some freshly chopped green herbs close by 👃
It screams: I'm complex!

High acidity attack.

Then this assorted citrus variety with the herbs on the side. Many layers of taste come with sweetness and bitterness hints coming and going 👄

Long and pleasent 🎯

This is next level shit.

Paired well with my baby's simple quinoa with added tahini and shug (Yemen chilly sauce).
Plain oysters or grilled fish/seafood would be more appropriate.

Not on the cheap side (119 nis) for my usual white allowance but this is from better territory so good vfm.

More like this please....
— 5 years ago

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Special Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend

David T

Congratulations to TB12 on going to his 14th Conference Championship.

The nose shows; more macerated green & golden apple, pineapple than usual. Touch of apple cider, bruised pear, some dried apricots, nougat, melted, salted caramel, alluvial limestone minerals, chalk, sea spray, roasted white spice, dry yeast, rising bread dough, baguette crust, ginger ale with withering lilies and some spring flowers.

The palate has softer mousse & less lively acidity than previous bottles. Still nice but, it’s giving cause to wonder when this bottle was disgorged. Macerated green & golden apple, yellow peach, pineapple juice. Touch of apple cider, bruised pear, some dried apricots, nougat, melted, salted caramel, alluvial limestone minerals, grey volcanics, gritty chalkiness, sea fossils, saline, roasted white spice, nuts, dry yeast, rising bread dough, baguette crust, ginger ale that has the high notes of root beer, vanillin with withering lilies and some spring flowers. The acidity is ok but, seems off a bit. Change in base wine for this bottling? The finish still rich, elegant, well balanced persisting minutes.

Bottle is off slightly from the many others we’ve enjoyed.

Photos of; the House of Bollinger, branded cave with resting bottles, their Cooper making barrels and one of their Grand Cru vineyards.

— 3 years ago

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Paul Kubler

"K" Alsace Pinot Gris 2016

this bottle takes me back to Alsace.
i spent a weekend in Strasbourg in 2006 protesting/partying in front of the European parliament that's located there.
no wine was tasted as i sticked to self imported bottle of zubrowka vodka, drops of potent LSD (that were dropped to the tail end of the vodka by a really short vicious smiling man - true story) and local pilsner beer that i remember fondly that's called 'meteor' and came in large 750ml bottles(pretty good ice cold and just ok after the sun warmed up the last 3rd of the bottle).

and now... 13 years later. different tastebuds. but I'm still the same person essentially.

100% pinot gris

off dry officially but feels dry.

14% ABV

pale green 👀

🧀 rind, green apple, pear, very fresh lemon and finely chopped greens👃

full body. I'm guessing the rs helps to build it.
medium plus acidity.

creamy, tart and a bit fruity with added white pepper and maybe even ginger 👄

long lingering pleasent creamy 🎯 like tasty and slightly bitter 🍬

great wine, no doubt about it.
tasty and complex, plays with you and changes every sip, but always superb.

excelent vfm (110 nis). expensive but works hard for your money.

need to try the winery Riesling now.

had it all day on it's own while vacationing.
soft and spicy cheese platter could have helped but I'm too full.
— 4 years ago

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Love Strasbourg!