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XV Pure Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Sweeter than 30 mile, so I preferred 30 mile.

And I preferred Red River Gum to 30 Mile
— 2 years ago

McPherson Cellars

Verde Verde White Blend 2019

2019 blend not stated on label. Better than 2018 blend. Non-vintage white wine blend but varietal percentages change from year to year. This 2019 blend has 65% Albariño and 35%Trebbiano. Crisp, refreshing, better balance between acidity and sweetness. Excellent and recommended. — 3 years ago

McPherson Cellars

Les Copains Lost Draw Vineyard Red Blend 2013

Outstanding red Texas blend. Dry, soft but rich and well balanced. Excellent with baked cod on tomato and garlic sauce. — 4 years ago

McPherson Family

Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Tropical aromas including passionfruit, dry to hint sweet. Overall a very pleasant wine to enjoy with smoked fish — 3 years ago

Andrew McPherson

Reserve The Full Fifteen Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Clearly a divisive wine, but thankfully right up my street! Full bodied deep flavour, nice bit of spice and grip. Very nice. — 4 years ago

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Mayfield Vineyards Oak Aged Chardonnay 1998

Very nice indeed. A little fuller than it should be having left it far too long but my other half loved it. — 3 years ago

McPherson Cellars

ifb Italian Field Blend 2017

Very good Texas Italian blend. Complex and structured red with prominent cherry overtones. Opens well and needs to breathe. Goes great with grilled burgers. — 3 years ago

Fenn Ratcliffe

Fenn Ratcliffe

Wrong wine. This is a white blend.

McPherson Wine Co.

MWC Shiraz Mourvedre 2011

Lovely dark blend. Fruit is forward with cherry, currant leading the way, giving way to spice and anise late. The mourvedre really rounds this out. Well worth the $18 price tag.
— 4 years ago