Mambourg, Sigolsheim

Pierre Sparr

Mambourg Alsace Grand Cru Pinot Gris 2016

Rich flavors, sweet but good balance from cutting acidity. — 2 months ago

Domaine Weinbach

Altenbourg Alsace AOC Gewürztraminer 2013

Perfect Alsatian Gewurtz. Drinking 2013 in 2022, at its peak. Aromas of lychee, candied pinneapple, apricot, with a subtle tropical spritzyness almost evervescently revealing notes of peach and mango. Mouth feel is spot on perfect. Robustly letter the honeyed residual sugars and tasty melon citrus notes shine. This is everything I love about wine and one of my favorite grapes. — 8 months ago

Domaine Maurice Schoech

Alsace Grand Cru Mambourg Pinot Gris 2015

Mambourg ‘15 is fresher, lighter on it’s feet, than Schlossberg ‘15. Both are delicious. — 2 years ago

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Domaine Jean-Marc Bernhard

Alsace Grand Cru Mambourg Gewürztraminer 2018

This wine is quite active. Nose is musky-floral, with lychee fruit, as expected, but augmented with a substantial earthiness and pungent, low-toned cracked stones. In the mouth, it’s got loads of fruit balanced with decent acids and lots of cooling minerality. Slightly sweet but there’s some nice bitter balance in the latter part of the finish - which is long - that prevents it from dominating. Very nice! — a month ago

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Pierre Sparr

Mambourg Alsace Grand Cru Gewürztraminer 2015

Pale yellow with nose of stone fruit and honey. Smooth on the way down with lychee honey on the palate. Not as intense as the zind humbrecht from the night before. Paired well with scallops and Dover sole. Another good Alsace product. — 2 years ago

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Domaine Jean-Marc Bernhard

Mambourg Gewurztraminer

Wonderful! Tart but good fruitiness — 2 years ago

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Domaine Weinbach

Furstentum Alsace Grand Cru Gewürztraminer

Lovely rounded and ready. Green plums and apricots, almonds, but nicely balanced — 5 months ago

Domaine Paul Blanck

Furstentum Alsace Grand Cru Pinot Gris 2005

A bit of residual sugar
A bit of fruit and plenty of graphite, gunpowder and personality
Extremely long
Good freshness
In balance
— a year ago

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Domaine Laurent Barth

Marckrain Alsace Grand Cru Gewurztraminer 2013

Fascinating. Golden syrup-y. Sauternes-y. Ground pepper on lychee (or rambutan). — 2 years ago

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