Jezreel Valley Winery

Jezreel Valley Winery

Adumim Red Blend 2017

What a lovely wine! Definitely not Palwin! — 25 days ago

Jezreel Valley Winery

Levanim Gewürztraminer Blend 2016

Soft, focused, pleasantly round....would drink again — 4 years ago

Jezreel Valley Winery

Kerem Kedesh Syrah 2014

Vinyard is located at kedesh valley . Bold yet balanced Syrah. Black fruit, Black peper. Long finish. A stake wine !! — 7 years ago

Jezreel Valley Winery

Alfa Red Blend 2020

Super bold, super fruity, super jammy. Full bodied, sweet by dry wine standards, definitely feeling every bit of the 50% syrah. — 3 months ago

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Petillant Natural Dabiki White Blend 2017

Israeli pet Nat with dabuki, an indigenous grape in the blend.

Had the 2016 vintage a while ago. Progress is here, this is 2017.
2018 was released but my wine shop still lives in the past...

11.5% ABV

Strong yellow with tiny tiny bubbles 👀

Started lemon-ish but as it got warmer it was more stinky cheese factory with a horse stable next door 👃

Medium body.
High acidity.

Tiny Bubbles attack then funkness with lemon and added grapefruit bitterness 👄

Light and pleasant 🎯 with creaminess lingering.

A very pleasant one!
Made better impression on guests than yesterday's posh old vintage sparkling rose...

Excellent vfm (69 nis).
Better then 2016 vintage. Need to check 2018 now.

paired lovely with bread, butter and stinky cheese plate.
And some hummus, tahini , tomato salsa and jahnun. Great with bold food...
— 5 years ago

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Jezreel Valley Winery

Red Blend

I want to give it a 10. But can’t, (it wouldn’t be fair)only thing it is missing is enjoying it with the wine maker!! Great unique wine, totally different then your typical rose wine. Different then any rose that is out there, it’s a revolutionary rose that is not sweet, fruit is subtle with a nice dry very balanced finish with a unique finish. — 7 years ago

Jezreel Valley Winery

Megiddo Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah 2020

Jezreel Valley winery, Megido special reserve. A blend of CS and Syrah. Too much wood for my liking. Otherwise, good color, good structure and tasty. Full body. — 7 months ago

Jezreel Valley Winery

Alfa Special Reserve Red Blend 2019

Israeli Syrah blend. Lush, not super dry, earthy, leather, prune, ripe raspberry. — 4 years ago

Jezreel Valley Winery

Dry Rose Wine 2017

Gay parade in tel aviv today.
Couldn’t make it but ill pink to that!
👀 pinkwash red 👃 citrus peel, unripe stone fruit and some flower blossom 👄 yummi tartness and acidity with that stone fruit. And a hint of bubbles Very pleasent tart, acidic finish with a hint of bitterness.
Paired beautifully with thai style fish curry and buckwheat. Adding tahini and zhug (yemen chilly sauce) made it much much better. Needs spicy food!
Very drinkble. Found it hard stopping.
— 6 years ago