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Fratelli Povero

Fin Canai Langhe Dolcetto del Sindic 2019

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The nose is very appealing with cherry, almond, some leathery and earthy notes. The palate is very well balanced, with red berries notes, a good width, some width, very subtle tannins, a great finish with fruits. This is easing going but very nice. Dolcetto like that are a treat!
— 24 days ago

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Cantine Povero

Priore Barolo Nebbiolo 2013

I’ve had this wine several times and I’m consistently impressed. — 4 years ago

Cantine Povero

Batù Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2010

Surpreendente! Final longo, frutas vermelhos e ameixa. Taninos suaves e encorpado! — 7 years ago

Cantine Povero

Il Bandierino Mosto d'Uva Bianco

Awesome and refreshing! Like a white Lambrusco — 5 years ago

Cantine Povero

Dianae Barbera d'Asti Barbera 2013

N: raspberry, blackberry, spice, clove, almond/hazelnut. P: dancing, exuberant start, balanced finish, mild tannin, quick bright fruit. M/3/M — 7 years ago

Cantine Povero

Capitano del Palio Monferrato Dolcetto 2015

Braised lamb ravioli w/porcini cream — 2 years ago

Cantine Povero

Maridá Barbera d'Asti 2014

A dusty beginning of tight fruit—with perfect acidity and complimentary measured tannins—that finally reveals a lovely dried cherry gulp of solid juice. Pretty damn perfect with a potato/black olive/thyme homemade pizza. Even better with the follow up: mushroom/prosciutto. — 2 years ago

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Cantine Povero

Piemonte Barbera

Light easy red — 6 years ago

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