Philippe Delmée

Philippe Bornard

Les Chassagnes Ouillé Côtes du Jura Savagnin 2021

Tony dans les pas de Philippe.
Les chassagnes c'est tjrs top, tranchant et top
— 12 days ago

Domaine Philippe Tessier

La Porte Dorée Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2020

2020. I believe this is my first Romorantin based wine, so I read through the tasting notes here and was excited to try it. Rich orchard fruit, good acid, and definitely get the oxidized sherry-like notes some mentioned. Paired with snacks while watching the Masters. Not quite their Pimento Cheese Sandwich, but my goat cheese stuffed roasted red peppers and black olives went great with the wine! — 2 months ago

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Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Mouton Rothschild For Philippine Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 1995

Very dense and tightly packed. Lean… intense but hard to get to now. — 3 months ago

Paul Woolls
with Paul
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Philippe Alliet

Chinon Cabernet Franc 2022

This is a nice, smooth red with notes of earth and cherry. — 16 days ago

Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Mouton Cadet White Bordeaux Blend 2011

Excellent! It took very little time to breathe which was unexpected for a 2011. We will be buying more of this if we can find it. — 20 days ago

Domaine Philippe Gilbert

Menetou-Salon Pinot Noir 2022

Nose: elegant. Hint of tropicality.

Palate: clean. Awesome. Long.
— 3 months ago

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Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Mouton Cadet Red Bordeaux Blend 2023

Great bottle drunk with cheese and later on chocolate. Easy to drink for a Bordeaux — 4 months ago

Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Château Mouton Rothschild Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 1995

1995 vintage. Decanted and throwing appropriate sed. Cork and fill both above average. Tasted immediately after decanting. Massive, dark fruits coddled with aggressive tannins. Fleeting taste but suggested an easy two decades ahead with push and promise. 5.17.24. — a month ago

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Pinotman /// Andreas

Pinotman /// Andreas

Label is the killer!

Philippe Raimbault

Apud Sariacum Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Pineapple, peach, citrus and some grass/hay. Oily, viscous texture. 13% abv - alc shows a bit. Good Sancerre! — 3 months ago

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