Cumières, Vallée De La Marne

Georges Laval

Brut Nature Cumières 1er Cru Champagne Blend

Disg 13 Nov 2017, LBC15. Lovely super oxidative style. Big contrast to the Trudon. — a month ago

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Marc Hébrart

Brut 1er Cru Champagne Chardonnay 2012

This was smoking good. Easy to drink, fresh and lively. From Magnum. — a month ago

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Henri Giraud

Aÿ Grand Cru Fût De Chêne Brut Champagne Blend

Grote champagne! — 2 months ago

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Thijs Hendriks

Thijs Hendriks

Wel PN🙈

Marc Hébrart

Brut 1er Cru Rosé Champagne Blend

I’ve had plenty of the Hebrart Brut Rosé over the years and loved it every single time. This Extra-Brut version is so much more fun and better in every way. The nose is fruity and sexy in equal parts with red apples and red cherries. Cranberries and strawberries with a touch of mint. The perfume of that girl from back when that made you see the world a little differently. Warm vanilla brioche notes just for good measure.

Still the same Chardonnay dominant blend as the Brut version but with half the dosage and it shows instantly. Immediately inviting and generous in nature, this is a rosé champagne that you can pop and pour or sit and contemplate. Wonderfully bracing acidity and a plethora of red summer berries transport you back to that time and that place where things were sunnier. A beautiful champagne year in and year out. Punches far above its weight and is always a stunner.
— 19 days ago

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La Grande Année Brut Champagne Blend 2014

Dry and crisp. Oak on the nose. — a month ago

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Brut Blanc de Noirs 1er Cru Pinot Noir Champagne

At La Légendé in Quebec City. Nutty, crème Brûlée, dégourged 2017, heirloom apples. — 2 months ago

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Laherte Frères

Ultradition Brut Champagne Blend


Hilton Head with Woeste and Parker! — 11 days ago

René Geoffroy

Expression 1er Cru Brut Champagne Blend

Rich, layered and quite delicious! — 2 months ago

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Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Rosé 2006


Orange in color.

On the nose raspberries, citrus, strawberries, limes, green apples, yeast, spices and minerals.

Medium bodied with medium plus acidity and medium sized bubbles.

Dry on the palate with lemons, raspberries, strawberries, spices, earth, minerals, green apples, herbs and white pepper.

Nice finish with bitter herbs.

This 16 year old Rosé Champagne still feels very young and fresh. Not as much yeast /bread notes as I expected at this point.

Well balanced with a nice mouthfeel, and drinks very nicely now.

Needs an hour to open up properly, and better when not too cold.

Would be nice to revisit it in 5 years.

A great sipping wine, and good with food too. Spicy, rich and entertaining.

12.5% alcohol by volume.

92 points.

— 2 months ago

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