Corentin Houillon

Corentin Houillon

Vin Vivant Veronnet Altesse Jacquère 2022

Savoie Week #2 Fresher — 6 days ago

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We are identifying this wine.

Very reductive and bretty at first, but luckily aired out pretty quickly. The aromas are just intoxicating, so much going on with lemon, curry and clear signs of old barrels. Sky high acidity. Finish is long. Despite the long maceration, I don’t find it to be tannic at all, only the colour suggests there would have been some tampering with the skins. Strikingly fresh, grilled lemons, hazelnuts, a bit of hay. Should have an interesting future for the next five years, perhaps. — 6 months ago

Aurelien & Charlotte Houillon

Tourmaline Rosé Grenache 2018

Little boozy and simple but good. And pricey. — 3 years ago

Corentin Houillon

Arcane Pinot Noir

This is the Pinot Noir. 50% WC, sans soufré. — 2 months ago

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Corentin Houillon

Vieux Foug Gamay

Brambly herbal mountain Gamay. Kalen said it smelled like the ink from a stamp ink pad. Good but weird pairing with Sicilian mackeral/caper/lemon/Sicilian oregano pasta — a year ago

Renaud Bruyere & Adeline Houillon

Les Tourillons Arbois Blanc Chardonnay Savagnin 2016

Another case of a white being too flabby after a slew of Rieslings. These are typically quite electric wines, but gosh does Riesling deliver a smack down on the acid levels brought to the table (especially coming from Keller). This was lemony, a little funky, sprinkled with salt, yet looked broad and tired versus the other wines. One to revisit on another occasion. — a year ago

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Renaud Bruyere & Adeline Houillon

Arbois Pupillin Poulsard 2018

Might be the best red B&H I ever had. This cuvée from young vines is called en Aspis 4ème feuille. Lots of red berries and high energy. — 3 months ago

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Renaud Bruyere & Adeline Houillon

Arbois Poulsard 2018

(Overraskende meget syre og slikket. Er det maceration carbonic? Langt fra top 5 over Poulsard.)
— 10 months ago

Aurélien et Charlotte Houillon

Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend 2017

Cuvée canne — 3 years ago

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J ai adore la pureté mais mais encore un peu flou peut être par sa jeunesse

Aurelien & Charlotte Houillon

Vin de France Cinsault 2018

Gorgeous, cloudy garnet color, with ripe, brambly raspberry, garrigue, with a strong mineral core. Refreshing 100% Cinsault at only 11% ABV. — 4 years ago