Bairrada, Beiras

Joao Pato (Duckman)

'Quaag Quaaag' Bical Blend

So nice! I do like the Duckman wines. This gem has a nice papaya nose and a bright citrusy palate! Add the slight fizz and you have an excellent easy drinker. — a day ago

Joao Pato (Duckman)

'Kite Duck' Beiras Baga Maria Gomes 2020

Very interesting wine (and label) from Portugal. Tastes like an orange-rosé hybrid. Cloudy and natural. Orange peel, herbal, tart. — 13 days ago


Dao Red Blend 2015

Nice color. Dark red with a ruby glow. Smells nice. Rose hip tea, rocks, and plum sauce. Flavors are balanced and full. Slightest edge of raspberry chocolate. More rose stuff (petals over hips). Hibiscus. A bit of earth mixed with stems of a woody plant perhaps. Elegant and silky smooth. This is a lovely blend of Portuguese native varietals that could go head to head with great Southern French or Northern Italian wines. — a month ago

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Joao Pato (Duckman)

Rosa Duck Fernão Pires Baga

Wow so good! Natural sparkling rosé with lotttsss of sediment. Juicy orange character makes this very drinkable. I love how inventive Portuguese wines are lately. — 12 days ago

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Filipa Pato

Vinho Tinto Baga

Smooth on the nose and taste. Really strong cherry notes with chocolate hints. Awesome wine. Year 2020. strong red color — a month ago

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Filipa Pato

Nossa Calcario Branco Bical 2020

Fantastic; rich and complex; citrus, yellow fruit, mineral — 2 months ago

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Textura Wines

Da Estrela Dão Red Blend 2019

Encruzado blend, yellow color, honey with lemon citrus driven, medium plus acidity, — 21 days ago

Joao Pato (Duckman)

Espumante Bruto Branco Fernão Pires


juice of the summer everyone be poppin — 5 days ago

Caves São João

Quinta do Poço do Lobo Cabernet Sauvignon 1994

This is in such an enjoyable spot at the moment, full of dried fruits and tertiary notes, this is medium bodied, fine and resolved tannin, with med+ aroma and flavor intensity. Fruit that tastes partially dried but has some primary character, cassis, currants and black cherry mingle with mint and baking spice notes, subtle notes of oak weave seamlessly into the bouquet and palate. Finishes med+. — a month ago

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Quinta de Lemos

Pica Pica Silgueiros Touriga Nacional Blend 2014

Great stuff. Rando purchase in Aveiro — 15 days ago