Veuve Fourny & Fils

Cuvée R Extra-Brut Champagne Blend

Paul Kaan

Exceptional Fizz! Veuve Fornay Cuvée R does it in style! Stunning grower Champagne. Every so often you come across a Champagne that has such great fruit quality that you wonder if it would be just as good or better without the bubbles in it. This baby doesn't hide behind sugar or winemaking trickery. With only 3g/l sugar it's super dry! 90% Chardonnay with a splash of Pinot from some great vineyards. It's barrel fermented and aged for about 9 months prior to spending 4 years on lees in bottle. The efforts of working with barrels and taking time to age base wines in them have paid off. It's a full on style, a real food wine, so much personality. Incredibly length and depth! Great flavours and plenty of intrigue. At $67 a bottle it punches well above it's weight.
This one makes it 3 great wines from 3 for Veuve Fornay all different all with personality!

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— 8 years ago

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Veuve Fourny & Fils

Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature 1er Cru Champagne Chardonnay

Awesome, huge fan of this as it was extra complex on the palate with a lot of different flavors going on. Need to find this for.my personal,consumption and so should you! Low dosage so extra wine character. #blancdeblancs so this is 100% Chardonnay (and did I mention awesome?)! #fourny #vertus — 8 years ago

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Veuve Fourny & Fils

Grande Réserve Brut a Vertus 1er Cru Champagne Blend

Excellent visit down to the bottom of the Cotes de Blancs; to see Charles Fourny of Veuve Fourny et Fils; fifth generation maker in Vertus; 500 ha region and one of the largest appellations in Champagne; with his passionate double, brother Emmanuel; tasting modern grower Champagne based on chardonnay; with texture to avoid high dosage; typically 3-6; and one zero; time and preciseness make the difference; plus 40% reserve wines for palatability; this is the House NV; #champagne #vertus #veuvefourny #grandereserve #blancdeblancs #uncorkedandcultivated #wineandfoodtour #france2015 — 9 years ago

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