Tenuta Russo Bruno

Greco di Tufo

There is dried orange peel, lemon seed, and ginseng leading caper, rye bread, clove and a whittle of maple breezing. Grippy lemon and pomelo with an unctuous base, an odd white pepper, and lemon-poppy component. The color is dark, almost antique gold at this point, but the fruit is citrus-bright. #greco #grecoditufo whoa, now we’re turning golden delicious apples and the citrus is an afterthought #bianco #campania #tufo #tenutaRussoBruno #docg #italianwines #italianwhite — 4 years ago

Tenuta Cavalier Pepe

Grancare Greco di Tufo

Lemon zest and white pepper, pomelo, apricot jello, a wisp of honey and something verging on raspberry ketones. Chalky and grippy, but simultaneously citric/ linseed oil textured, potato chip, black lime, cedar, olive skin. Delicious wine with unusual depth. #tenutacavalierpepe #grecoditufo #greco #bianco #oakedwhites — 5 years ago

Colli della Murgia

Erbaceo Puglia Greco Fiano

This blend of Fiano and Greco comes Puglia, the Heel of Italy. The bright southern Italian sun makes this rich, palate coating white Viognier like in texture but sport more white melon and tart pear with Italian herbs and powdered white flowers.
#fiano #greco #puglia #italy #wine
— 7 years ago

Fred Dex
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Villa Raiano

Greco di Tufo 2012

This Greco from Campania, is believed to have originated in Greece and brought to southern Italy along with a number of other Greek grape varieties when the Greeks dominated that part of Italy. Very mineral, with stone fruit and citrus. Balanced acidity give this wine a lovely refreshing and juicy finish. Great with seafood.
#greco #grecoditufo #campania #southernitaly #italianwines #italianwhitewine #tufo #villaraiano #irpiniawine #montefusco #refreshingitalianwhite
— 5 years ago

Cantine Antonio Caggiano

Devon Greco di Tufo DOCG Greco Bianco 2011

Holding up just fine, this crushed the linguine Vongole that these clams transformed into.
One of the more full bodied Italian white wines that gets its density naturally and not from oak. The texture is like Condrieu, waxy and full bodied, while the aroma and taste are more Italian with bright white orchard fruits, a vein of minerality and good freshness. This held its own against an umami heavy dish as I reduced the flavors a little more than the recipe called for.
#greco #campania
— 7 years ago

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