Eric Bordelet

Sidre Brut Tendre

How do you like them apples #christmas for 妈妈 — 2 years ago

Wölffer Estate

Sagaponack Red Blend 2013

Perfect for #christmas #aftermath! Lush and ripe, dry tea leaves and medium acidity credit to @daniellecalvi 🎉💯👏 — 8 years ago

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Hidden Bench Estate Winery

Beamsville Bench Pinot Noir 2013

Richer than the Gamays we normally drink with Christmas dinner. Delicious, smooth, but definitely wants to be the star and not a supporting player. #Christmas #laterwine — 6 years ago

Linda GallantMichael LeSage
with Linda and Michael
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Caymus Vineyards

Special Selection Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

#Christmas 2016. The year of the dry aged rib roast and truffles. — 7 years ago

Bell's Brewery

Christmas Ale

Husky barley and wheat germ, American coffee, toast and malt. Creamy iced coffee/tea mix, with a citrus and honey that refresh. Really kind of pleasant this late in the game, though I fear something spicy may have dropped out. #datedbeer #christmas #ale #seasonalbeer — 8 years ago