Evangelho Vineyard Zinfandel 2017

Great, one of my fav zins. Restrained, earthy, dark fruit, not sweet — 5 months ago


Victors Lodi Zinfandel 2015

Fig jam notes; festive and smooth with a molasses smell. A definite buy. — 4 years ago


Borden Ranch Lodi Sec Chenin Blanc 2014

Quite nice w/ just the teeniest touch of slab dried Blenheim apricot. Pleasant & fresh. — 5 years ago

La Follette

Sangiacomo Vineyard Chardonnay 2012

To date, the best white wine I've ever had. Mashed pear, Macintosh Apple, banana, vanilla and cinnamon spice on the nose, much of the same on the palette, pinpoint acidity and a smooth round finish. Buttery and crisp cracker-like throughout but this quality does not take precedent over the rest of the voluptuous flavors of this wine. — 7 years ago

Château Grandis

Cru Bourgeois Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend 1997

David T

So, the owner of K&L Wine Merchants - Clyde Beffa has made a living finding good 1997 Bordeaux’s after the fact in a difficult vintage. It is these kinds of buys ($17.99) that have keep me from opening other more prestigious wines too early in my early years of collecting. He still bats 1000.

If you always open your wines too early, let this be an opportunity to try wines on their longer evolution. You won’t be sorry.

Snap peas & zucchini from the garden this week.

Excellent with the rib covers steak.

You simply cannot equate a 9.1 24 years old Bordeaux to a 9.1 Bordeaux to a young one. The complexity, integration & nuances take precedent. Not a fair race.
— a year ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Fine description. And valuable advice.
Ron R

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Who’s the chef here???
David T

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@Ron R when home, always me. If at friends, we always share responsibilities.

Domaine Zind Humbrecht

Zind Chardonnay Blend 2015

As good as the precedent vintage. Still a favorite. — 5 years ago

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Diamond Creek Vineyards

Gravelly Meadow Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Massive. A 30 year wine. Eucalyptus and roasted balsamic stewed strawberry notes take precedent on a nose that over powers. The palette is blackberry torte with chocolate and black tea and fig. The finish is tannic and big and long. Doesn't get any better. — 7 years ago

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Blackduck Cidery

Dry Perry 2019

One of the best. Sidra-style perry made in NY, but not faddish at all. John Reynolds, one of my favorite iconoclastic wine/cider-makers, has been doing it this way for decades. Micro production. Loads of VA but flat out delicious; vibrant, textured, rich and soulful. Do yourself a favor and find some of this if you like natural wine. I’d argue this kills almost any high-VA natural wine. Why? There’s a historical precedent for the style, the flavor profile makes sense, it’s clean and well-made. Great stuff. — 2 years ago

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Erik Longabardi

Erik Longabardi

I’ve had non VA Perry John made; it’s truly revelatory
Josh Morgenthau

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@Erik Longabardi Yes, some batches are less sidra style, all really amazing. Just had some sparkling paw paw wine he gave me that blew my mind.
Erik Longabardi

Erik Longabardi

@Josh M Ive ha the cleaner ones and they are truly beautiful. Heard the paw paw one was good too!


Wirz Vineyard Old-Vine White Blend 2012

Just wow. This is in it's glory right now. Did this vineyard justice! — 7 years ago

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Clements Hills Sec Chenin Blanc 2013

This is legit Cheni — 7 years ago

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