Monticello, Central Region

King Family Vineyards

Monticello Petit Verdot 2010

King = Klass!! Quality fruit from a overly hot vintage tests the best winemakers. This is such a scenario as PV with too much potential alcohol & tannin can overwhelm the inherent acid phenolics over extended cellar aging. Thus, this was at post peak performance at 11+ years from harvest. The quality of Matthieu’s work is, nevertheless, can clearly be appreciated here: blackberry & blueberry compote with delicious toasty herbs. So fun to test the limits and enjoy a LONG PV finish! — a month ago

Pollak Vineyards

Estate Grown Monticello Petit Verdot 2010

First, rating is based on peak maturity, probably 2-3 years ago. I would estimate this mass lost 15-20% of is max acid/tannin profile. Nevertheless, this PV still has the power to push thru meatloaf (fatty proteins). It’s easy to see how ripe the 2010 vintage was…while structure has regressed, this sturdy & viscous PV remains sweet and polished in flavor notes. The finish was still positive and refreshing, lacking any sourness or VA… With its age, and degradation, simply finding the right food to pair will still allow the best of this veteran singer to entertain. Five additional various 2010 PVs from the region to evaluate. I am cautiously hopeful that we will find one that has stood the phenolic test of time (the battle to retail tannins vs acid in a hot hot Virginia vintage). — 7 months ago

Michael Shaps

Carter's Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2019

Among the Top 5 annually BEST CF’s in the old dominion. Rich but not over bearing or over-extracted. Fresh and energetic acid carry thru to the mid-palate, while enough wood tannin cleans up for the long red fruited jet stream. Ready for any culinary challenge, yet so sophisticated it can be sipped with marvel! — 2 months ago

Veritas Vineyard

Monticello Petit Verdot 2017

Great bouquet- will try again. — 3 months ago

Horton Vineyards

Orange County Norton 2017


Lovely example of the variety, not as wild & savage as some VA Norton, yet still plenty of flavor w/an elegant presentation. Great stuffing, balance & style. — 5 months ago

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Veritas Vineyard

Claret Monticello Merlot Blend 2019

Excellent especially at this price point — 2 months ago

Jefferson Vineyards

Meritage Red Bordeaux Blend 2020

71 PV, 15 Cf, 14 Merlot….classic Jefferson…no complaints considering the Just ok/challenged vintage. Loads of blue fruit the first day, and day 2 is The emergence of maraschino cherries. Acid is sufficient and tannins friendly. Essentially, a big BERRY Monticello hug ;) — 2 months ago

Barboursville Vineyards

Octagon Red Bordeaux Blend 2017

My first Virginia red did not disappoint! Full bodied, soft tannins- sooo smooth and delicious. Merlot + Cab Franc + Petit Verdot….all my favorite things :-) — 5 months ago

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Cardinal Point

IPC Hopped Chardonnay

Always a personal favorite — 8 months ago

Sara Davenport
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