Folk & Fable

Folk Machine

Central Coast Pinot Noir

Thin delicious tart tartin cherry ass Pinot — 3 days ago

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Fable Mountain Vineyards

Western Cape Syrah 2017

QPR steal of the year so far. Think this was like $20 on LB. Dark fruit jam from South Africa. — 3 months ago

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Folk Machine

Arroyo Seco Gamay Noir Rosé

easy, refreshing gamay & pinot noir blend. lol it was a whole journey and a half opening this bottle but that’s besides the points and bc of the wack keychain bottle opener . anyways, it was such a delicious, spring wine for the park. light, bright and dry - definitely some grapefruit, some cherry and some citrus notes — 4 months ago

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The Fableist

Cane and Fable 395 Paso Robles Merlot

Very nice! Dark Berry fruit aroma. The berry continues with the flavor along with a cherry finish. Went nicely with Penna, Italian sausage and eggplant marinara. — a month ago

Folk Machine

Parts & Labor Carignan Blend

Easy drinking, bright, light. — 3 months ago

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Gentle Folk Wines

Rainbow Juice Adelaide Hills Rosé Blend

Not bad for a rose! Refreshing and sweet, doesn’t feel too serious. Normally not much a sweet or rose girl, but this one feels very light and summary. A nice little sugar treat for an afternoon snack while still feeling sophisticated. — 5 months ago

Folk Machine

Redwood Valley Valdiguié 2019

Tart cranberry and cherry flavors and racy acidity. There was also a sour, yeasty component on the back palate that was slightly redolent of sourdough bread. Interesting. Nonetheless an enjoyable bottle for all its funkiness. 100% Valdiguie. 7/4/22. — 6 months ago

Folk & Fable

Private Reserve California Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Full-bodied. Blackberry. Plum. Oak. Bourbon. Vanilla. Caramel. Spicy.
— 4 months ago

Hobo Wine Company

Folk Machine Suisun Valley Charbono

really good medium body. dark color and weight, but lighter feel. both sour/tart and maplely. can’t imagine it pairing well with most food — 7 months ago