Dublin, Ireland


Premium Irish Ale

Being generous — 10 months ago

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Ron R

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Look, London/Dublin have close proximity to France, Italy and Spain. New world wines don’t have a huge footprint, other than Australia, NZ.
Norman Gennaro

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Yeah I wasn’t expect CA to be there but the other old world options were also limited. Could have been where we went but for most it was pretty limited which is why you only see a few. Most of the Irish places had a larger beer and hard selection than their wines (few exceptions).
Ron R

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Yeah, the Irish are NOT known for consuming wine at ALL.

Midleton Distillery

Barry Crockett Legacy Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Is hard to imagine how anything could be much better from nose to lingering finish. But, I'll keep searching for the perfect dram. — 3 years ago


Original Stout

On tap. Pint format. Been at least a decade since the last one. 4.22.24. — 3 months ago

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Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

@Ron R I wish. In the mountains of Southern California.
Vino Joe

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Why would anyone not on a desert island go so long between proper pints?
Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

Scott@Mister A’s-San Diego

@Vino Joe Two words…craft beer.


Irish Whiskey

Irish coffee shop — 10 months ago

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Original Irish Cream

Day 2 of my Irish Cream calendar. Mmmm Key Lime! Just like eating a piece of Key Lime pie from The Florida Keys! — 3 years ago

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What a fun calendar! Haven't seen an Irish cream one here yet. Holiday cheer to you!🎄
Sharon B

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@Trixie it is going to be fun to taste all the flavors!

The Teeling Whiskey Co.

Single Malt Irish Whiskey

This is really a Scotch that just happens to be made in Ireland, not so much an Irish whisky. Having said that, it’s a good version of a single malt scotch! Not great, but I think it would be a wonderful introduction to the style. Malty, fruity with just a hint of sweetness - it goes down easy. I drank this way too quickly. Would definitely recommend for a novice scotch drinker. — 4 months ago


St. James's Gate Dublin West Indies Porter 1801


Nice, rounded Porter from the folks at Guinness. It has a dark colour with a very acceptable light carbonation and nut brown head that goes quite quickly. Taste wise, this is mild and smooth with hints of toffee and chocolate. Lovely. — a year ago

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Very cool!🍻


Draught Stout

It’s not wine, but on St. Paddy’s Day, there’s nothing better — 3 years ago