Les Cailloux du Paradis (Claude Courtois)

Racines Vin de pays du Loir-et-Cher Red Blend

Pretty pretty pretty good. Umami on the nose. Raisins. — 2 months ago

Château Combel la Serre

Le Pur Fruit Du Causse Cahors Malbec Blend 2021

Nice and smooth. From my Miho (Noble Rot). — 4 months ago

Onabay Vineyards

Côt-Fermented Cabernet Franc 2020

Birthday gift from Hannah opened when Hannah and Bobby visiting at Thanksgiving 11/20/2023. — 5 months ago

François Chidaine

Rouge Touraine Côt Blend 2020

A light,bright Tuscan-y and Barbaresco-y French blend — a year ago

Jim Nelson
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Mary Taylor Wine

Valençay Rouge Gamay Blend 2021

Sipping 2021 vintage. This is an elegant wine. Dry with tastes of black cherry & , some light spice. — 3 months ago

Savage Grace

Boushey Vineyard Côt 2018

Dark red, inky, high pigment extraction. Menthol and dark fruit aromas. Boysenberry and white pepper flavors, as advertised on the label. Slightly tart, almost lactic finish with some hint of spice. Relatively light on tannins which is in line with the Côt style of Malbecs-drinkability with a lighter and not robust touch. Yummy. After two hours, moderate skin astringency emerges, which explains all that pigment extraction. — 6 months ago

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KO In Côt We Trust 2019

A deliciously complex wine that starts bright and acidic, has a big dark fruit middle, and a smooth sea salt and chocolate finish. It's very well balanced! — 3 months ago

Agnès et René Mosse

Bisou Grolleau Blend 2022

Vintage 2022 | First time I taste this. Lovely luncheonwine. Raspberries, frivolous taste, lightfooted, no pretensions. — 4 months ago

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Domaine Philippe Tessier

Cheverny Pinot Noir Blend 2014

Wow, this was stunning! Aromatics and texture are off the charts. Do yourself a favor and buy a mag of the 14. Pinot / Gamay. — 7 months ago

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