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Lovedale Hunter Valley Sémillon 2011


#semillon tart. Interesting #australia #huntervalley — 3 years ago

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Vat 1 Hunter Valley Semillon 2008

Had high expectations for this one and was completely shocked at its ability to over deliver! Love it. #semillon #huntervalley #australia #msclassic #minerality — 8 years ago

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Dan Fredman

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Strange the way to this is always surprisingly better than you'd think it's gonna be (i should know better by now)

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Hunter Semillon 1983

Semillon packaged in a riesling bottle; aged classic from the McWilliam family who have owned the Mt Pleasant Hunter Valley vineyards since the 50s; this at 32 years under a good cork (phew) is together; 11%; taut acid, brassy colour; honied palate with more body than expected; unoaked; splendid; sold under a NSW government endorsement of quality and authenticity (such insecurity at that time!!); drunk with Cinco's restaurant-made pastrami #semillon #huntervalley #mcwilliams — 9 years ago

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Old Winery Hunter Valley Sémillon 2012

Marcella Newhouse

#tyrrells #huntervalley #semillon 2012. Melon pear grapefruit grass yogurt; balanced with great potential! — 9 years ago

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Lovedale Sémillon

Is always amazing to try Wines that are as old as you are (almost). The wine was on the brick of falling apart the only thing that was still there was fruit and a lot of vanilla from the oak, possibly American. Worth it a sipp just for the experience. #semillon #huntervalley #australian #andiswines makes a similar wine with single Vineyard from #amador — 8 years ago

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Bin 7272 Hunter River Sémillon Chardonnay 1988

NSW wine; Aussie; Hunter Valley oldie; from the thirties to seventies sold as white burgundy; usually a semillon verdelhao blend aged in big old oak; afterwards Lindemans discovered their HVD chardonnay block planted in 1908 (now owned by Tyrrells); blending semillon with chardonnay in new small american oak here; once @11% it would have been ugly; now 17 years later quite integrated; brassy colour; tons of creme brulee honey artifacts; delicious but fuller bodied over the traditional semillon; served with prawn salad and vermacelli; #huntervalley #treasurywineestates #lindemans #philipjohncommemoration — 9 years ago

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Bin 7055 Hunter River Sémillon 1987

Great wines come along occasionally; here is one; fifty percent of the reason why Australia's Hunter Valley has international status; and a wine finished with a top draw cork has handled the 29 years; Lindemans #lindemans #semillon #1987 #hunterriver #huntervalley #bin7055 ; colour is full yellow, palate powerful, probably finished off in large oak to give the texture; 10.5%; nose non - aromatic (so not in your face); still the aromas of honey and lanolin; palate big and acidity ripe, not taut like current wine! — 8 years ago

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Sounds brilliant.

Peter Lehmann

Sémillon 2002

love aged #semillon from the #huntervalley this is #barossavalley but from the very cool 2002 vintage. another stellar #cellar discovery of a wine that was forgotten only to become something fine. Honey, toast, butter, lemon curd & excellent acidity leading to a long long finish. '02...very good year. Glad I got all 6 as this still has legs to run with for another half decade at least. Only $8.50/bottle! Luck be a lady! — 9 years ago

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Personal Reserve Late Picked Traminer 2014

One of the best dessert wine from Hunter Valley region, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Pale yellow in color, it gives you hints of honeycomb, floral, zesty aroma. Texture is light and not as sticky as usual dessert wine. Flavor is fresh and clean on the palate with decent sweetness, kinda like sugarcane. The downside of this wine? It is hard to get. #mcguigan #huntervalley #sydney #dessertwine — 9 years ago