Angry Orchard (Boston Beer Company)

Stone Dry Hard Cider

Worse than mediocre. In an effort to find #local dry #cider, this was the closest thing at my grocery store (in spite of a great #craft #beer selection, the not-sweet cider selection is sadly lacking). Looks like I'll have to start mail-ordering my cider or drive around #Michigan filling growlers. Not surprising since it's corporate cider, but still disappointing. :-( — 6 years ago

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Gina Shay

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Amen, @Shane M. Nicholson ! Totally gross and totally evident. I tried this out of desperation. What are the best ciders around here and where can I get them?
Shane M. Nicholson

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Honestly .......not many in MI. Try Blue Mountain from Milton Free water Oregon. All sustainably grown, estate orchard apples, fresh pressed, nothing added, apple goodness
Gina Shay

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@Shane M. Nicholson I got spoiled by a recent trip to Vermont. Phenomenal cider there! Citizen Cider's crisp and zingy hopped and ginger ciders have spoiled me for anything else. Thx for the suggestion of Blue Mountain. I'll give it a try!

Singlecut Beersmiths

Billy Half-Stack IPA

I forgot how good this IPA was. Had it about 2 Christmas ago in a growler. My brother @notrog gave me a growler of this. It was so good then, it is so good now. And now that its in bombers, it might be my favorite bottled IPA from NYS. The hops shine through on this one nicely. If I'm not mistaken, I smell some Nelson Sauvin hops. Juicy, fresh fruit, its tropical fruit, citrus fruit some tree fruit too. Great malt profile that sweetens up the bitterness from the hops perfectly. Clean dry finish keeps you coming back for more. Balanced. Only down fall, the midpalate might be a bit short or watery. Go find this from @singlecutbeer and enjoy. #beer #craft #craftbeer #craftbeerny #nysbeer #nydrinksny #tasteny #singlecut #astoria #queens #billy #ipa — 8 years ago

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Orpheus Brewing

Saison Lyric Ale

Finally getting to crack open a can of @orpheusbrewing Lyric Ale. I hung around Atlanta waiting for them to drop at @hopcitybeer the day they were released to bring back to NY. Glad I waited. Aren't too many Saison beers in a can, and I'm not sure why. It has your classic Saison notes on the nose. The palate speaks of spice and malt that's crisp and clean. The finish is lengthy with a pleasant earthy hop note that is on the dry side. Check these guys out next time in ATL. I hope to visit the brewery next time and bring home more cans to NY. #craft #beer #craftbeer #atlanta#atlanta#atlanta #atl #craftbeerga #lyricale #orpheusbrewing#orpheusbrewing#orpheusbrewing #orpheus #saison — 8 years ago

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