Rocce di Pietra Longa Grillo 2020

Salty, lemons, and cream with a hint of honey. Yummy — 3 days ago

Feudo Montoni

Vigna della Timpa Grillo

Clean, precise, straw, mineral, grass, some grapey fruit. Dry. Great w pastas, seafood, chili on a 90° day. — a month ago

Sarah B
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Baglio del Cristo di Campobello

Lalùci Sicilia Grillo 2021

Nice Grillo with quite some acidity and a bit less aromatic character than I would expect. Food wine. — 2 months ago

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Barraco (Nino Barraco)

Sicilia Grillo 2021

Deep flavored natural wine, oak-y to the tongue but fresh to the finish. — 12 days ago

Alessandro Viola

Sinfonia di Grillo 2020

Almond and gingerbread on the nose. Apricot and honeysuckle. Really well balanced. — 2 months ago


Sur Sur Sicilia Grillo 2020

Delicious wine from Sicily. Perfect with pasta & truffles.  — 3 months ago

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Valle dell'Acate

Zagra Sicilia Grillo

White wine for some white (girl) whine. Stop the screaming. #justdoit — 15 days ago

Zorica Radovic
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Marco De Bartoli

Vignaverde Grillo 2021

In Agrigento. Perfect! — a month ago

Alessandro Viola

Note di Bianco Grillo

Zesty minerality with round almond / stone fruit. So delicious and opened up beautifully! — 2 months ago