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Folk Machine

Suisun Valley Charbono 2022

Dark fruit but only 12.1% abv. Lots of wild blueberry and mulberry character. Fine tannins and an enjoyable juiciness. My first Charbono and it ain’t a no-no. — 13 days ago

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Private Reserve California Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Full-bodied. Blackberry. Plum. Oak. Bourbon. Vanilla. Caramel. Spicy.
— 2 years ago

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Central Coast Pinot Noir

Perfect to pair with Thanksgiving dinner — 3 years ago

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Arroyo Seco Gamay Noir Rosé

I was surprised by the pale color. Perfectly dry, orange peel, stone fruit. Looking forward to maybe drinking more of this this summer. — a month ago

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Parts & Labor Carignan Blend

Easy drinking, bright, light. — 2 years ago

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Clarksburg Chenin Blanc


$25ish org, tart, acidic, mild, cherry tomato -Sam liked more than Mimi — 3 years ago

Folk & Fable

Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Blend 2017

Got as part of a tasting box. Great find. Would go nuts on these if I could get them for $14-18 — 4 years ago

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Redwood Valley Valdiguié

lovely valdiguie grapes from redwood valley, the gamay of california. it’s mediumish body, hella juicy with cherry flavors and tannic — a month ago

Vending Machine Winery

Pét-Nat White Blend

Our OG pet-(g)nat. Still fun and summer slammable. Glad it holds up! Drank in New Orleans. — 10 months ago

Joseph Lewinski
with Joseph

Folk Machine

Jeanne d'Arc Chenin Blanc

Bright. Light funk. Delicious. — 4 years ago