Destihl Brewery

Destihl Brewery

Cerise Stout Imperiale

Looks like another über-opaque stout, black with tinges of brown, except up top where a rush of micro bubbles made a ton of macros that left a pretty, light-caramel colored flattop; orange tints. Short streaked and spotted lacing. Dark chocolate covered peanut butter, mocha, black cherry jam thumbprint cookies, grilled pepper steak, fresh toffee. Frankly, the list could go on forever. Aromatic acrobatics. Luxardo cherries under dark chocolate, aged balsamic complexity (think: 40 year), dark, barebones strong coffee with one sugar, Christmas figgy pudding, Barolo chinato, gingerbread, ginger beer, molasses, chocolate bitters. Clove finish delivers on the dry. Amazed as ever with this brewery’s offerings. The profiles scare the hell out of me, but the beers are always sublime. — 3 years ago

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Destihl Brewery

Saint Dekkera le Diplomate 2013

2013 vintage. Fantastic lambic...balanced, tart, light cherry, and dry. Barrels 1, 3, 5, 6. — 6 years ago

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Destihl Brewery

Saint Dekkera Flanders Oud Bruin

2013 FDR3. Red-hued dark brunette body with bib bubbles, big textured, loose and frothy. Just dud spots left and moth wing scatter of pressed flower residual. Awesome sour cherry, baked persimmon, aged balsamic over steamed carrot, peppercorn, and toasty oak scents disperse, while chutney and pickled apricot take the spotlight, locked in a dark embrace. This may be the perfect sour. Smooth from oak, but sweet with vanillin and cola-malt, and sharpness from grapefruit, sour apricot, sweet potato sugar baked black. Blackened cinnamon-soaked apples, dried, brined bing cherry flavors, grilled lime, with autumnal spice and landscape sensibilities flowing smoothly in between. Astounding. — 3 years ago

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Destihl Brewery

Wild Sour Series Here Gose Nothin'

Kyle Schlachter

Lime. Lemon. Salt. Mouth puckering. — 6 years ago

Destihl Brewery

Wild Sour Series Lynnbrook Raspberrry Sour Beer

Holy crap that's a sour beer — 7 years ago

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Destihl Brewery

Wild Sour Series Counter Clockweisse

Memories of summer. Playful and easy to drink. — 6 years ago

Destihl Brewery

Wild Sour Series Flanders Red

#sour! Like a acid driven wine — 6 years ago

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Destihl Brewery

Dosvidanya Rye Barrel

Very good and pleasing. Glad I was at home because alc. content is high! ;) — 7 years ago