Coda Di Volpe

Cantina Giardino

Volpe Rosa Campania Rosato

Beautiful rich strawberry and subtle rosemary. Mineral rich and stone undertones. Every sip was a celebration. — 2 months ago

Eduardo Torres Acosta

Versante Nord Uve Bianche Terre Siciliane Minnella Blend 2019

Beautiful nerello mascalese, rich and tangy great at be chilled with the outstanding pizza from Grigg street. — 4 months ago

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Villa Dora

Vigna del Vulcano Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Bianco Falanghina Coda di Volpe 2017

Volcanic? Definitely needs food. Lots of acid and minerals. — 6 months ago

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Di Prisco

Irpinia Coda di Volpe 2020

One of the better coda di Volpe examples I’ve tried. Some maceration but not over the top. — 10 months ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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Eduardo Torres Acosta

Quota N Rosso IGT Terre Siciliane Nerello Mascalese Blend 2020

Innovative (unique?) blend of Nerello Mascalese, Grenache, Grecanico, Carricante. Sour cherry, raspberry, volcanic minerality. — 6 days ago

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Cantina Giardino

Na Vino Bianco Falanghina - Coda di Volpe Blend

Very very good. Not funky despite the floaty bois — 6 months ago

Cantina Giardino

Paski Campania Bianco Coda di Volpe 2020

Perhaps the best Coda di Volpe i've ever had
60yo vines, 4 days maceration and 30% of the mass fermented in chestnut barriques; after that 12 months in stainless steel.
Wine that truly is alive
It feels like still fermenting(but it's not)
It makes me picture kimchi, ginger and daikon
It has this tingling fruit and a mineral tension
Background of honey and gunpowder plus a decoration of spring flowers
It goes without saying how highly i consider Cantina Giardino, the barrels they use are all crafted by a local artisan with local woods among chestnuts(like in this case), cherry, figs or others that might slip out of my mind at present.
This is a wine made of beauty with no make up.
It's long and refreshing and super enjoyable.
— 6 months ago

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Cantina Giardino

Vino Bianco Fiano Blend

Super funky. Bright, almost unripe apricot. Smooth tingly finish. — 4 months ago

Volpe Pasini

Friulano 2019

The scents designed to lure the crowd from the pedestrian concourse into the Bath and Body Works. Inviting perfumes, florals and citrus and bitter almonds. Come on in. Lemon scented vanilla candle, oatmeal soap, rose petal fabric spray. Looks light, but with a substantially full body, creamy texture, and prickly acid. The distinctive note is ruby grapefruit - shows up towards the end with a slow exit. — 4 months ago

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Frank Cornelissen

Munjebel Terre Siciliane Bianco 2017

Not the typical white. Needs at least 15-20 minutes to open and then you get the full set of flavours. — 7 months ago