Under the Wire

Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir Rosé 2016

Shay A

@Delectable Wine : This is the Under the Wire Hirsch Vineyard Blanc de Noir, not a rosé.

I bought this as it was advertised as a rosé, but it’s just a Blanc de noir. Thankfully, it was a tasty mistake.

Killer fruit in the hands of MTP makes for a delicious bubbly. Opened alongside a 2019 Carboniste BdN as a comparison of Cali bubbles, they were on opposite sides of the spectrum. This UTW Hirsch was more big-house in profile whereas the Carboniste had a grower vibe. Pours almost orange in the glass. Fairly yeasty. Honeyed and orange marmalade. There is a perception of semi-high dosage here, but I’m thinking it’s due to how ripe the fruit is. Extremely creamy and layered. I’d be curious to know how these are at release, but this seems to be aging beautifully. Pop for freshness, but it’s not falling off a cliff any time soon.
— a year ago

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